Fasting and paying attention to mood

If you want to avoid various problems during fasting, it is better to first pay attention to your mood and know your nature so that you can tolerate fasting easily.

Mir Ghazanfari, Ph.D. in Physiology and Traditional Medicine and a member of the faculty of Aja University of Medical Sciences, while emphasizing that it is not possible to write a single nutritional prescription for all people with diabetes, added: determination of temperament is the most important basis in prescribing a nutritional prescription for the general population, especially for those with diabetes. It is due to diabetes that, from the point of view of traditional medicine, there are two groups of warm temperament and cold temperament, and each of these groups should benefit from special nutritional and even therapeutic recipes that respect some basic principles, especially during the fasting days of all people. They can spend the holy month of Ramadan with minimal problems.

By dividing food temperaments into hot and wet, cold and wet groups, he said: Cold and wet (phlegmatic) are small and fat, and consumption of dairy products, especially yogurt, buttermilk, and watery pickles in large quantities is not recommended for them. While the hot and humid group are more muscular and muscular people who should not overdo it with red meat, sweets and many spices and consume less of these foods.

This expert in physiology and traditional medicine emphasized another group of temperaments called hot and dry and cold and dry: hot and dry (bilious) almost do not have the tendency to obesity, but the use of spicy and hot spices such as black pepper, cinnamon, salt , and high-fat foods, especially fried foods, are not highly recommended for this group, while people with cold and dry temperaments, with thin bodies and no tendency to obesity, should not consume foods such as many pickles, eggplants, and legumes such as lentils.

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June 22, 1395 15:23

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