Fasting of kidney patients

Do you know which category of kidney diseases fasting is dangerous for? Can people with kidney diseases fast? What about people who have kidney stones? What side effects can fasting have for them? Stay with Dr. Salam.

Fasting of kidney patients

Kidney patients Except for those who have kidney stone problems, there is no prohibition in fasting.People with kidney stones drinking water 12 glasses are recommended for them on hot days of the year .

Kidney patients can perform the divine duty according to the doctor’s order and opinion. kidney problems and urinary infections, tumors, Prostate Cancer Urinary tumors, diseases of the bladder, testicles and urinary tracts will not be a problem for them if they observe the medical and hygienic points of fasting..

Fasting and kidney stones

Kidney stones are a common disease that affects most adults and is more common in men. He added: People who pass kidney stones once will have a 50 percent chance of passing kidney stones in the next 10 years. .

Patients who frequently pass stones once or twice a year have stone-forming kidneys, and these people must consume plenty of fluids (normal water, tea, carbonated water, malt beer). .

One of the important reasons for the formation of urinary stones is the consumption of less fluids in people, especially in the hot months of the year, which causes the concentration of urine and the crystals in the urine increase. .

The most common type of calcium kidney stones, these stones are seen in the form of calcium salts, calcium oxalate, and calcium phosphate..

When the concentration of substances in the urine increases, the foundation for the formation of a stone nucleus is provided in the urine, and when this initial nucleus is formed, other substances are deposited away from the nucleus and the stone grows..

When people drink less fluids than their body needs, the concentration of urine increases, and calcium oxalate and salt crystals in the urine accumulate more in the urinary tract..

It is better to consume liquids in the first 3 hours after each meal, so that the concentration of urine decreases.

Those people who suffer from kidney stone and their job is to sit behind a desk, to prevent the formation of kidney stones, they should include enough movement and proper exercise in their lives. liquids Drink more to get rid of toxic substances in time.

Another factor that causes kidney stones is consuming too much salt. People prone to developing kidney stones should avoid eating too much salt, because too much salt increases the excretion of calcium in the urine and increases the production of stones..

All the people who are fasting during these long and hot days of the year should drink plenty of fluids from iftar to dawn time include in your diet and consumption Green tea Due to the increased concentration of urine, refrain.

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