Fasting of patients with liver failure

Can people with liver disease fast? During their fasting, these people should follow a series of nutritional tips and diets so that not only their disease does not worsen, but also they can take a step in the treatment of their disease with the help of fasting.

Fasting in patients with liver failure

A gastroenterology and liver specialist considered liver failure to be one of the most advanced digestive diseases and advised people suffering from this disease not to fast.

The liver is the controller of blood elements in the body and people suffering from this disease cannot fast due to the disorder of their body system.

It is only this disease in which people are prohibited from fasting, and other digestive diseases are also cured by fasting.

● Drink warm liquids during the Iftar meal

Since the empty stomach and its sudden filling is one of the most important causes of sudden heartaches in fasting people, these people should not forget to drink warm liquids when breaking the fast.

People should start their fast slowly with lukewarm drinks and avoid very cold liquids and fatty foods.

These people should eat a light food such as bread and cheese during iftar and eat their main meal after one to two hours.

Most of the heartaches are solved by following the mentioned points:

Note: If these types of heartaches continue during Ramadan, people should definitely consult a doctor for further investigation.

● Prevention of anger by eating cereal at dawn

Consuming starches and grains in the morning meal prevents headaches, dizziness and nervous complications such as anger, impatience and aggression.

People should consume the necessary and balanced amount of complex carbohydrates and starchy substances in the morning meal, fasting people who suffer from headaches or other complications during the day are because they do not receive enough energy for the activity of nerve cells. and suffer from hypoglycemia.

Excessive consumption of sugary foods, especially during breakfast, is one of the causes of blood sugar drop during the day due to stimulation of insulin secretion, and it is better to use starchy foods in a balanced amount instead of sweet foods.

Fasting people should definitely eat suhoor, it is necessary to consume vegetables and fruits containing a lot of vitamins and minerals in Ramadan, avoid eating salty and fatty foods in Ramadan, and instead of sweets and all kinds of sweet things, use starchy foods. Use in moderation.

The month of Ramadan is a good opportunity for obese people to balance their weight, fasting is a good opportunity for people who suffer from picky eating to solve this problem.

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