Fasting of patients with mental disorders

Is Does fasting aggravate the disease in patients with mental disorders and people who have neurological and psychological problems? What problems will these people witness when they fast? Does fasting help cure their disease? In this article, we examine fasting in patients with mental disorders. Be with Dr. Salam.

Fasting in patients with mental disorders

Dr. Mostafa Najafi, a specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry, is very optimistic about whether psychiatric patients can also fast: “Fasting in patients with mild mental disorders, in addition to religious aspects, is Psychotherapy And change in behavior ‌calculated and mental health It strengthens them. ”

However, caution is one of their strongest recommendations for these patients: “In addition to proper nutrition, these patients should also have a special plan for taking their medications at Iftar and Sahar ‌, because if they are in the recovery phase, but they do not have proper nutrition. , Are weaker in terms of psychological adjustment mechanisms and can not cope well with the special circumstances of this month and the changes in their daily schedule. As a result, they may experience recurrence or exacerbation of symptoms. “For this reason, it is recommended that such patients abstain from continuous fasting for one month.”

Fasting for patients with acute mental disorders

According to Dr. Najafi, Fasting for patients with acute mental disorders, Is harmful, so it is legally forbidden.

Fasting of thalassemia patients

Under what conditions should thalassemia patients not fast?

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