Fatty snacks

Some people eat snacks to prevent excess weight and fat burning, choosing these snacks is very important and important, be careful not to eat a snack that will make you more hungry and increase your weight. Some of these snacks that We will introduce to you the ones that cause harm to your health.

Eating fruit as a snack sounds like a really great and healthy food choice, but the same fruit can lead to more hunger. In fact, although fruits are very beneficial for human health, they contain a large amount of simple sugars that can raise blood sugar levels and cause a light-headed feeling. Even a person’s mood may be affected and provoke him to eat more sugary things. There is no doubt that the fiber in fruits help the body to absorb the sugar in it much more slowly than the sugar in products like carbonated soft drinks. However, fruits alone are not enough to maintain a stable satiety and cannot compensate for this weakness by themselves. So, if you want to go the extra mile, combine an apple or banana with some protein and healthy fats like peanut butter and cheese. Although vegetable juice contains many antioxidants, this food choice as a snack cannot provide long-term and stable satiety like fruits. In fact, the calorie content of vegetable juice is much lower than that which can create this satiety. In addition, liquids are digested much faster and pass through the digestive system faster. So if you want vegetable juice to be more satiating, add some peanut butter, yogurt or protein powder to the vegetable smoothie.


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25 November 1395 06:33

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