Fear of sexual relations and why and how

False thoughts and assumptions about sexual behavior are especially directed at men. Perhaps the most damaging misconception is that male ejaculation is the highest expression of male sexual power and ability. But this is not true at all. In the world of sexuality, it is well established that men, unlike women, lose vital energy when they ejaculate.

I don’t think it would be wrong to say that few of us have received formal education in the field of sex. The fact is that the subject of sexual relations is something that most people do not know enough about. Sexual desire is usually misinterpreted by the uninformed and those with sick thoughts. If you think about it, you will see that most of what we learn about sex comes from our parents, teachers, friends and relatives. And unfortunately, many of us still believe the things we have learned.

According to the ancient Chinese sages who had a lot of information and knowledge about the energy system of the human body, men shorten their lives by wasting their sexual energy. It is said that it is because of this destructive behavior that women live longer than men. Besides, most of the untrained men exhaust themselves sexually with countless ejaculations throughout their life. The Chinese observed in the past that when a man’s vital energy reserve is depleted, he will feel that he has lost a part of himself.

Ancient Chinese sexual studies experts looked at semen as a life-giving and life-preserving fluid. One drop of semen is equal to one hundred drops of blood. If this is true, then every time a man ejaculates, he experiences a loss of energy similar to donating blood. If it happens from time to time, it’s not a big deal, but according to studies, the average American man ejaculates 5,000 times in his lifetime, which is equal to about 4 gallons of semen. The message of this news is quite clear: intelligent sexual behavior leads to a wise and individual program for the preservation and storage of semen.

Some men panic the first time they hear about sex without ejaculation. After all, it is completely against their preparation. This fear is because they will have to sacrifice their sexual pleasure for an abstract health benefit. Many of these men can hardly accept dynamic sex without peak satisfaction. According to them, sex without ejaculation is like working without pay. But this is completely untrue. Keeping semen and not removing it is not synonymous with not discharging pleasure. This method will even multiply the pleasure.

In order to understand the reason, we must first know the difference between male ejaculation and orgasm, because most men see them as the same. After all, since their first sexual experiences, ejaculation and orgasm have always happened at the same time. For many men, hearing that they can experience orgasm at a time other than ejaculation is unbelievable. However, the reality is that ejaculation and orgasm are two completely different physical processes, and it is very helpful for men to understand how to tell the difference between the two. Success is nothing more than the timely use of powerful internal contractions just like the contractions of expelling the last drop of urine.

Preserving and storing semen has many benefits. For starters, maintaining a young, strong, and healthy body is accompanied by high energy levels, clarity of mind, and increased libido. Retention of semen will not result in longer sexual intercourse which increases the pleasure of both parties, but it will also prevent the man from depleting his energy. If couples work together to delay and prevent the man’s ejaculation until the best and most favorable time for it arrives, it will make the sexual pleasure of both parties reach its peak. That sense of heightened pleasure and intimacy between two people will be far beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before.

It doesn’t matter how pleasurable male ejaculation is, it’s very short-lived and lasts only a few moments. It is only a local release in the male penis and pelvic muscles. This release is a negative phenomenon because through it you only lose energy. Orgasm is a completely different phenomenon. Orgasm is rejuvenating and energizing.

It affects the whole body, mind and spirit. Unlike ejaculation, orgasm can be repeated over and over for an hour or more without draining your energy. When a man learns how to prevent himself from ejaculating, he will be more conscious in the act of sex and will be able to replace his ejaculation with orgasm. When a person becomes good at this, the sexual habit of ejaculating in every orgasm will be sheer madness.

Male ejaculation is not the peak of pleasure that we imagined. The peak of pleasure is just a bad habit that has remained in sexual relations for a long time. As a man, we have experienced sexual pleasure only in ejaculation. In this way, there will come a time when this sexual power is so low in us that it no longer reacts to the previous stimuli. The sleepy feeling that most men experience after ejaculation is a very obvious sign of low energy.

But these symptoms in many men go even beyond this. Loss of libido, vulnerability, moodiness and depression, indifference, withdrawal are very common symptoms. Many men get out of bed, get dressed, and leave their partner even after ejaculating. Have you ever heard of a woman doing this?

Although most men consider ejaculation necessary for sex, many have learned how to hold their ejaculation to increase their sexual pleasure. Remember, stopping the release of the penis should not be confused with stopping the orgasm. Men who are trained in this field know the real function of orgasm and know that beyond pleasure, orgasm is a means that leads a person to be more alert.

Now is the time for our men to review their sexual behavior and look at it from a new perspective. With a little shift in awareness, any man with proper training can help maintain his energy. And this will be a path towards self-confidence, awareness and further spiritual development.

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