Feeding time to teething baby

When does teething occur in young children? At what age does the first baby tooth grow? Will teething change a child’s appetite and health? We want to answer the most common and frequently asked questions of new mothers in this field. Join us.

Children start teething at about # seven months old and erupt 20 teeth by the age of three.

Does the child lose weight while teething?

Yes; Because when the tooth is extracted, the child loses his appetite. The main cause of anorexia is inflammation and rupture of the gums and pain when the tooth comes out. This discomfort often lasts for 3 days 4 days before the tooth is extracted.

Proper nutrition at the time of teething:

آبWater consumption:

With loss of appetite, the child becomes dehydrated. Therefore, increase the amount of water consumption to the child as much as possible.


Oral analgesics, including acetaminophen, are effective in reducing pain.

The number of drops twice the weight of the infant should not be used for more than 3 days.

باHigh calorie drinks:

Eating high-calorie beverages and foods in small amounts will keep the restless baby from starving.

سردCold food and fruit:

Yogurt or cold fruit can reduce the discomfort of teething. Refrigerate yogurt or fruit to cool. A slice of cold apple and banana greatly relieves a child’s toothache.

نرمSoft food:

Give soft-chewable soft foods to your baby A variety of porridges, purees, cereals and soups are the best food for your baby when teething, and before you feed him, grit his teeth to squeeze it to relieve your toothache. Reduce.

Apply a slice of fresh ginger on the baby’s gums.

. Let a cup of barley cook and give the child a small amount of water.

Source: Dr. Salam

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