Feeling of trembling and freezing of the limbs

What factors affect the vibration of the limbs and cause a feeling of cold in our body? What are the treatment solutions in this field? Vibration in the limbs indicates what problems occur in our body. This condition in the body can be caused by hypothyroidism. Anemia, blockage of arteries, hypoglycemia, hypothyroidism If you see and repeat this condition in your body, see an internal medicine specialist.

It may have happened to you, even in hot weather, that you have chills and colds, you should be aware that this condition can be a sign of internal disease in the body.

Iraj Khosronia, internal medicine specialist; Regarding the cause of shivering in the body, he said: The types of shivering in the body that occur normally and without the presence of cold, can indicate a type of internal disease that should be treated.

He added: “As a result of internal diseases in which the person feels shivering, the person’s body energy decreases and blood supply to the body organs decreases, which makes the person feel cold.”

“The most important diseases that cause chills and colds in the limbs, including hypothyroidism, anemia, blockage of arteries, hypoglycemia,” said the internal medicine specialist, referring to the types of diseases that cause chills in the body. Blood, adrenal insufficiency and diabetes as well as low blood pressure.

Regarding the treatment of diseases that cause shivering and cold sensation in the body, he clarified: People with this problem should consult a specialist doctor and perform detailed tests to evaluate the type of disease and according to the test results, treatment Disease-specific follow up.

Regarding the role of nutrition in the treatment of this disease, Khosronia said: “In people who suffer from anemia and malnutrition and feel cold because of it, this problem can be solved with the right diet.”

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