Female aphrodisiacs

What factors can be effective in reducing sexual desire in women and cause coldness in their marital relations!

There are many psychological and physical factors in marital relationships, which are referred to as “sexual desire killers”! These factors do not recognize men and women, old and young, and may affect your and your spouse’s life in any situation. If you feel that you or your partner have recently lost interest in marital relations and are looking for a solution, don’t miss the tips of Dr. Westheimer, one of the top sex counselors in the United States.

Stress makes you weak
Stress: Maybe you are one of those people who perform better under the pressure of work or school stress, but you should know that this issue never applies to marital relations! Job stress, financial problems, illness of family members and other stressful factors can all reduce libido. In addition, stress causes a decrease in serotonin, which itself leads to premature ejaculation and a decrease in the amount of sperm in men. In order to control your stress level, you should learn stress control techniques such as meditation, conscious breathing, etc. or consult a psychologist.

Do not eat these foods!
Diet: Improper diet can reduce libido. The more healthy foods a person consumes, the more sexual ability they have. Excessive consumption of saturated fats not only increases cholesterol and deposits it in the walls of heart vessels, but also causes cholesterol deposition in the capillaries of the penis and makes the blood flow in the penis difficult. As a result, the person cannot respond to sexual stimuli properly. To improve this state, use more grains, fruits, vegetables, walnuts and olive oil and reduce the consumption of sugar, whole grains and prepared foods.

Attention mothers and fathers!
Being a mother and father: Being a mother or father does not in itself cause the loss of sex drive, but when children are around, it becomes difficult to find time for marital relations. In order to deal with this issue, sometimes it is not bad to ask a babysitter or a family member for help. If your child is just born, try to spend time with your wife when he is sleeping.

Lack of sleep is your enemy
Lack of sleep: If you wake up too early in the morning and go to bed too late at night, or if you suffer from insomnia and sleep apnea, your libido will definitely be affected. In fact, anything that prevents a comfortable sleep also causes the loss of sexual desire. Lack of sleep makes you feel tired and sleepy all the time and you have no patience for marital relations. Be sure to consult a psychologist in this case.

It does not help, it harms
Alcohol and drugs: contrary to the common thought of drinking alcohol, the use of drugs, alcohol and intoxication does not increase sexual desire, but increases sexual promiscuity and risky behaviors. These substances can reduce the sensation of the genital area in men and cause erection problems. In addition, the state of drunkenness and inebriation causes the wife’s desire to disappear. Alcohol also leads to shrinking of the testicles in men, and excessive consumption can lead to depressive symptoms.

No one likes to be fat
Obesity: being obese causes loss of performance and sexual desire. The reason is not completely clear, but we know that obesity causes a decrease in self-confidence, depression, physical diseases, loss of energy, etc. Be sure to talk to a dietitian about this. Be sure that the money you spend in this field is worth it. Studies have shown that one-third of obese people with erectile dysfunction achieve balanced sexual activity after 2 years of exercise and weight loss efforts.

Men are always worried!
Erectile dysfunction: This disease in men usually has nothing to do with the lack of sexual desire, and the reason may be related to the sexual organ itself and can be treated with medicine. In fact, many men have a high libido, but they do not have the ability to have a long and complete erection. Men suffering from this disorder are always worried about their performance, and this concern gradually causes them and their spouses to lose their libido.

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