Female origin of orgasm and female libido

Until now, researchers have had different opinions about how women reach orgasm, and now we will introduce you to the organ that causes the peak of sexual pleasure in women.

Scientists say that there is no such thing as vaginal satisfaction – sexual satisfaction of a woman having sex – and women only reach the peak of sexual pleasure through clitoral stimulation.

According to Dr. Salam, quoted by the “Daily Mail” site, scientists say that most women in different parts of the world are not satisfied during sexual intercourse – the introduction of the male penis into the vagina – and the main factor in women’s sexual satisfaction is the clitoris, and if the clitoris or All women are able to reach the peak of sexual pleasure if the other stimulatory organs around the vagina are sufficiently stimulated.

Scientists have previously noticed that a group of women who have difficulty achieving orgasm have a smaller clitoris that is farther from the vaginal entrance.

The result of this research has been published in “Clinical Anatomy” magazine.

December 5, 1393 16:46

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