Fetal development and its influence from the father

Did you know that a father’s diet can have a direct effect on his children and will cause a change in his child?

Research shows that the amount of food consumed by the father can have a direct impact on the health and well-being of the unborn child. Another part of the study states that a father’s diet can be genetically passed on to the next generation, and can affect children’s mental health. Given that the mother’s diet and its effects on children have been extensively studied, it is believed that for the first time, the behavioral and hormonal effects of men’s diets on children should also be evaluated.

Professor Antonio Paulini conducted an experiment in this regard on male mice. The experiment allowed them to eat more than mice fed 25 percent fewer calories. Although the father had almost no contact with his children and the mother’s behavior remained almost unchanged, the children of the mice with limited food were less anxious, ate less, and weighed less.

Professor Paulini, who studies how the environment causes brain, genetic and behavioral changes, believes that when we say differences are “reproductive”, it means that the genes of younger or younger mice function differently because of their father’s experiences.
The results of this study showed that the diet of one generation can affect the next generation. In fact, when you see less anxiety due to the reduction of diet or some of its substances over the generations, this can be a warning sign of health problems in a society associated with rising obesity.

“Less calories can intensify survival instincts, reduce anxiety in animals and make them more fearless as they explore their surroundings,” says Professor Paulini. In fact, environmental factors have a great impact on sperm production in men on the days when pregnancy is to take place. Therefore, it is very important for both mothers and fathers to observe environmental conditions and things like diet, alcohol and smoking before getting pregnant.

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