Fitness and diets of famous people

You may think that many famous people of the cinema have special food principles and diets, and for this reason, they always have a proportionate body. It is true that physical activity and the principles of a healthy life are effective in youth and fitness, but never follow strange and unnatural diets to achieve the right weight and body.

If you follow a specific program and of course, you will be serious and persistent, you will lose weight and burn extra fat much sooner than you think. Dr. Saeed Sasani, a specialist in sports medicine and nutrition, a member of the medical committee of the International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB) and the secretary of the medical committee of the Asian Federation of Fitness and Bodybuilding (AFBF), has organized the multi-faceted film and sports fitness program. He explains the goals of each of these people and, of course, their diet and exercise plan, and at the end, he considers an ideal fat burning program for the readers to have a fit and healthy body by following it.

Athletes and artists have different goals

Athletes follow bodybuilding exercises and diets to gain more skills and higher fitness in sports; While artistic figures are looking for another goal. In fact, the first problem of artistic faces is that they cannot follow a proper diet and exercise program during filming, and as a result, they may become overweight and obese or their fitness may be disturbed.

Therefore, after the end of the filming, they go to the specialist to follow the diet and programs that are sometimes rigid, to reach the right body shape and weight. Mehrdad Poladi, footballer and Moslem Darabi, are among the strongest men in Iran, among the athletes who have followed my programs, but there are also some artistic figures who care about their fitness, and it is better to familiarize yourself with their programs.

Diet and fitness plan Mohammad Reza golzar

About seven years ago, I met Mohammad Reza Golzar. Our relationship was initially related to setting up exercise and nutrition programs, but now it has turned into a deep friendship that continues to this day. Golzar has been interested in sports since he was a child and has followed skiing since he was a child, and of course he is a professional volleyball player.


What was Golzar’s problem? When Golzar approached me, the problem was that he couldn’t follow the diet and fitness plan during the filming, his body was out of shape, and the busyness of his work took him away from his exercise program. As a result, he wanted to keep his body in shape. The best way to shape the body quickly is to start bodybuilding exercises and follow a strict food diet, with the help of which Golzar was able to reach his goal. He is one of the most determined people I have ever met.

What is Golzar’s fitness program like? He goes to the gym every day and follows bodybuilding exercises. Golzar’s goal right now is not to build volume, but he wants to have a proportionate body. At the end of the exercises, he performs aerobic exercises on the treadmill for 40 minutes to an hour. This work helps to burn fat, that is, at first he builds muscle and then follows the fat burning program, and the duration of his daily program is two to two and a half hours, which is sometimes more intensive, and he follows a diet six days a week.

How does he diet? Gulzar’s diet includes boiled and grilled foods and various vegetables, and he can use bread and carbohydrates in the permitted amount. This diet is usually followed for two months after the end of the filming period, so that the body gets in shape, and after that, he can lighten his schedule.

Nyusha Dighmi and healthy lifestyle

Nyusha Dighmi is another figure who cares about fitness and choosing a healthy diet. He doesn’t use fast food, there are plenty of fruits and vegetables in his diet, he drinks tea without sugar and is generally very careful about his diet. However, the time spent in the filming group must be subject to the group’s nutritional status and cannot follow its usual diet.


Therefore, after the end of the filming period, he takes a proper diet and regular exercise. Currently, he exercises regularly and goes to a gym in the northwest of Tehran every evening to exercise. His exercise program mostly includes aerobic exercises such as exercise with a treadmill, stationary bike and space skiing or elliptical, which causes fat burning.

Nyusha Dighmi’s diet plan includes protein ingredients such as meat and chicken, fruits and vegetables, and does not consume bread, rice, fat, and fried foods. Meanwhile, Nyusha Dighmi and I collaborate in another field and several days a week in the department I am working at his slimming and fitness clinic.

Sports and food program of Reza Kianian

My acquaintance with Reza Kianian was completely accidental. In fact, his nephew was one of my clients and he took time from me like a normal person. His goal was to get in shape and burn fat and build muscle. Reza Kianian always had control over his weight and he knew how to lose weight or get in shape.


As he was able to gain weight for the role in the movie “House on Water” and then return to the appropriate weight. But recently he feels his nutritional needs have changed over the years and maybe he needs to add some fat burning and muscle building to his schedule. He came to me in April of this year and is currently following a diet plan, exercise, taking vitamins and food supplements. He goes to the gym three mornings a week.

Nasrin Moqanlou’s diet and sports

It was a year and a half ago that Nasrin Moqanlou was worried about her excess weight, and after visiting my office, she decided to follow a diet and exercise programs. At first, he thought that this work would be difficult for him, but he achieved his goals by implementing the plans. His program focused on fat burning and was very restrictive on food intake. He could only eat fruits and vegetables and grilled and boiled foods.


He went to the gym every morning and exercised according to the routine, and he had a regular training schedule three days a week in the evenings. Currently, he has reached a good physical condition and the intensity of his training has decreased compared to the past.

Recommended fat burning diet

Program overview

Avoid consuming high-calorie foods such as fatty and fried foods, butter, and fast foods. Fats are bad for health, so keep them to a minimum.

Include enough carbohydrates in your diet. Bread, rice, dates and potatoes are among the sources of carbohydrates, which may not be fattening in appearance, but can increase the amount of calories consumed by the body. In fact, only fats do not cause obesity, and the consumption of large amounts of carbohydrates can also be associated with obesity.

Pay attention to proteins and include protein sources such as meat, chicken, fish, milk and dairy products in your diet. Consuming proteins prevents muscle wasting and makes you not lose muscle mass during the diet period. People who don’t consume enough protein in weight loss diets may lose weight but lose their body shape. Legumes, mushrooms and soybeans are good sources of vegetable proteins, but compared to animal proteins, they have less nutritional value. Use more fruits and vegetables in your diet.

tip: It is recommended to cook food by boiling and grilling so that fewer calories reach the body.

Diet along with exercise

A weight loss diet without exercise does not work. With exercise, the body becomes more fit and there is no stopping the effectiveness of the diet, so be sure to exercise along with this diet.

What sports are suitable?

It is better for people who follow a fat burning diet to have aerobic exercises in their program. Exercising with a treadmill and a space skiing machine are part of aerobic exercises.

Example of a fat burning diet plan

This program is suitable for people who are overweight and want to burn fat with the help of diet.


One to two boiled egg whites, one to two pieces of small bread, a glass of low-fat milk

Morning snack
(10:00 to 11:00): Two types of seasonal fruits

tip: Some fruits are sweeter and have higher sugar and calories. If your body fat is high, do not use sweet fruits such as watermelon, banana and grapes or minimize their consumption.


200 to 250 grams of grilled or boiled meat, chicken or fish, a very small amount of rice (four to five spoons) and three slices of bread, salad without dressing and low-fat yogurt

Tip 1: It is better to eat salad as an appetizer and eat salad before eating other foods for lunch.

Tip 2: By bread, we mean a slice of lavash bread measuring eight by eight centimeters. Of course, you can substitute other breads instead.

evening meal:

A protein food such as a piece of chicken fillet or half a tuna without oil, along with two cucumbers or four lettuce leaves.


Like the lunch meal, it should include food containing protein and preferably bread and rice in a smaller amount.

Source-Ideal life magazine

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