Fix masturbation with these useful methods

How can we quit complacency and how can we let go of this harmful habit?

Masturbation It happens in every culture, in every period of history, and it is a way that most teens will fall prey to before having sex in adulthood. This fleeting and tempting pleasure is so destructive that it can affect all aspects of anyone’s life. Give and lead the person to destruction, so you must control this motivation, gain personal discipline, and control your desires. The most complete training on masturbation cessation strategies Read.

Part 1: Be fun and focused.

  1. Find another way to drain energy and spend time.

Fill your life with fun activities. The thrill of doing something different can help you replace the urge to masturbate, and the next time you are tempted, you will have something to distract. Try these ways:

Be creative. The process of transforming sexual desire into an innovative output (called astonishing excellence) is something that monks and guides have relied on for centuries. Start writing, learn to play an instrument, draw, draw, or do anything that makes you feel like you are doing something creative.

exercise. Being superior in a sport requires discipline and perseverance. Pursue one of your hobbies, such as running or swimming, or a team sport such as soccer, basketball, or tennis. Any form of exercise will help you to relieve tension and pressure, feel refreshed, and also make you focus on your body in a positive way. Yoga is another form of exercise that makes you feel more relaxed and reduces the likelihood of a sudden urge to masturbate.

Eat healthy. Fruits and vegetables have healthy effects on the body and provide the nutrients needed to increase energy to be active during the day.

Find a new hobby, or parenting skill. Learning something that takes a long time to master can shift the brain’s attention from the immediate satisfaction of masturbation to the satisfaction of achieving long-term goals. Try skills such as cooking, carpentry, shooting, baking, public speaking or gardening and potting.

Volunteer for philanthropic work. Spend your energy helping teens who are less fortunate than you are, such as working in a shelter, teaching students from low-income families, cleaning up damaged areas, or raising money for a charity. . You will feel better about helping others, and you will have less time to deviate from your goals.

  1. Have a plan to prevent masturbation during your daily rest hours.

If your problem goes back to before bed or bathing, avoid any tempting factors to masturbate. For example, if it is a habit that comes to you at night before going to bed, go swimming on the ground, so that you are so tired that you can do nothing but sleep. If bathing is irritating for you, use only cold water and ice; You will not stay in the bathroom for so long.

If you always masturbate after returning from school or university, have a good and complete plan to avoid feeling bored. If you do not have a specific task to do and your mind is constantly occupied with sexual thoughts, increase the activities of your program. You will see that Prevention of masturbation It will be easier if you are too busy or too tired because you no longer have the energy to pay attention to distracting things.

If you are tempted to do this in the morning, try to dress a little more to make it harder to touch your body.

  1. Limit your loneliness.

If the reason for your masturbation is more loneliness, find ways to be as inclusive as possible. That means you have to attend clubs or activities as much as you can, accept more invitations and invite more of others, and get out of your privacy to make more friends. If you want to meet someone, ask a friend to arrange an online meeting for you.

Another thing you can do is limit your time at home alone. If you usually masturbate an hour or two before your parents arrive from work, take a walk or do your homework at a coffee shop.

Even if all your friends are busy, you can still limit your motivation for masturbating by going to public gatherings. For example, instead of watching matches alone at home, go to a public place to watch. Even if you go for a walk with your friends, it is better than being alone and therefore you will not have time to masturbate.

  1. Stop watching porn.

Maybe one of the reasons you masturbate so much is because you know you can access porn in a matter of seconds if you want. However, if you do not want to stop watching these movies, you have to do it in other ways:

Install porn blocking software on your computer. Of course you will know his password, but keeping it out of reach reminds you what your priority is. You can also randomly type in the text file when selecting the password, copy and paste it to enter the password and confirm it, then delete the text file. That way you no longer know your porn blocker password! This is the best way to keep you strong and prevent internal strife.

If you want to masturbate while watching porn on your computer, try to move your computer to a place where others can see you.

If you have a real and illegal collection of porn, get rid of them as soon as possible.

Ask for help. Porn cessation apps like Brainbuddy are designed to affect your brain and make you want a real relationship, not porn!

  1. Be persistent and patient.

Quitting masturbation will not hit you like lightning. This is a process that requires commitment and you may sometimes make mistakes or fall behind. Real strife requires perseverance and perseverance, so commit now that you will not allow small mistakes along the way.

Establish a reward system for yourself. Bribe yourself for sticking to it, and reward yourself for your good behaviors. For example, if you can get past two weeks without even masturbating once, be patient with yourself, for example, a new game or an ice cream.

Pedaling systems are extraordinary; Just be careful not to reward yourself with what you are struggling with, which in this case is masturbation! If you tell yourself that after a week of resistance, you will masturbate and thank yourself, you will turn it into something you want even more!

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