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Most women are sensitive to their vaginal stenosis. We want to point out the factors that damage the vagina. Women usually have this problem after childbirth.

It is often difficult for most women to talk about sexual issues, but the high importance and prevalence of this issue make it necessary to address this issue. Sex may not be the most important issue between spouses, but sexual satisfaction plays a very important role in married life. One of the problems that most women go to a gynecologist for is vaginal dilation. Why vaginal tightness is important for women is one of them Dr. Azita Saffarzadeh Kermani, obstetrician and gynecologist, infertility and laparoscopy specialist and faculty member of Tehran University of Medical Sciences In an interview with “Salamaneh” news site Points to it.

Why is vaginal stenosis important for women?
The most important factors in vaginal dilation are natural childbirth and not doing pelvic floor exercises after childbirth, as well as doing intense bodybuilding exercises and lifting heavy weights. Of course, sometimes in some women’s tissue is looser than others, and it should be said that contrary to popular belief, having a lot of sex does not play a role in the occurrence of this complication.

Most women who suffer from loose vaginas experience stress when having sex with their husbands because they want to have enough sexual pleasure for themselves and their husbands, so a woman who has this problem is constantly involved in this mentality while having sex with her husband. Despite this problem, does his wife have enough satisfaction from having sex or not ?! Although most women feel ashamed of raising some issues, they should not underestimate the importance of the fact that if a woman feels that her vagina is too loose, it will negatively affect her self-confidence and sexual satisfaction in her husband.

Usually after childbirth, women are looking for ways to restore their vagina to prenatal stenosis, including simple methods to solve this problem, including the use of vinegar, vaginal tightening creams and Kegel exercises. Of course, there are more specialized ways to solve this problem so that women can restore sexual characteristics and attractiveness. Using a vaginal rejuvenation laser with the Mona Lisa device is a specialized method that can be tried. Of course, the use of laser vaginal rejuvenation is not only effective in improving this problem, and in addition to tightening the vagina in postmenopausal vaginal atrophy, it is also useful in treating cancer or removing the ovary.

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