Follow these small tips to prevent cancer

One of the main reasons for the formation of tumors in the body, especially digestive cancers, is unhealthy nutrition, which must be investigated.

Halimah Ali, advisor to the Minister of Health, said: non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure and arthritis are the most common internal diseases, which unfortunately are increasing due to wrong lifestyles such as inactivity.He added: diabetes, blood pressure Arthritis causes complications after a while, the most common of which are kidney, eye, and skeletal problems that may lead to amputation due to neuropathies (tingling) in patients. A problem that is in the realm of rehabilitation sciences.

Advisor to the Minister of Health stated: Inactivity, lifestyle, improper nutrition, excessive consumption of salt and sugar are factors that increase the prevalence of non-communicable diseases.

Aali emphasized that nutrition plays the first role in the development of cancers. Due to the non-organic nature of most foods, the issue of transgenicity of some nutritional substances, the statistics of cancers, especially digestive cancers, have increased, and the root cause of the cancer issue must be found.

He stated: Changing the lifestyle, using healthy foods, doing useful movements and doing light sports for 20 minutes a day or one and a half hours a week can cure many of our physical problems followed by mental disorders.

The advisor to the Minister of Health mentioned the role of environmental pollution in causing non-communicable diseases: Toxins caused by car pollutants in the central cities and dust storms in the southern regions of the country are among the most common reasons that lead to lung diseases. In the southern regions of the country, especially in Sistan, this has caused lung diseases and tuberculosis to account for the highest number of patients, which unfortunately, no action has been taken by the relevant authorities.

Source: Salamaneh

13 December 1395 22:07

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