Food and some Mexican ceramic dishes that have high lead content

Maybe some women like ceramic dishes and cook their food in these dishes, but you should be aware of the danger of some cooking dishes in the heart of your kitchen.

The danger of these containers was first revealed by a Canadian woman. A new study conducted on this woman showed that this person was exposed to a high concentration of lead and suffered from lead poisoning.

After the tests, it was found that most of this person’s dishes are made of Mexican ceramics. Mexican clay dishes that are covered with glaze look very beautiful, but this glaze has a lot of lead, and by pouring hot water or boiling them, this lead comes out of their bodies and enters the food. and enters the body, which causes problems in the body.

This issue has been under investigation for a long time, but it was noticed with the poisoning of this 55-year-old woman. He had suffered pain in his lower abdomen many times, which was cured by going to the hospital and being hospitalized, but his pain remained unknown. Until one day, he had a heartache and a little bleeding, and upon going to the hospital and doing tests, they found out that the concentration of lead in his blood was about 36 times the normal level. The used containers with Durani and outer glaze contained 17% lead.

In addition to abdominal pain, this toxic substance also causes anemia, joint pain, and severe fatigue.

Lead is also poisonous in small amounts, but it is unlikely to be contaminated by occasional contact with it. These containers are not only limited to Mexico, but China and other Southeast Asian countries are also manufacturers of these containers.

November 4, 1395 17:34

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