Food suggestions for after fasting

Fasting has countless benefits, but sometimes it is seen that a person suffers from health problems after this month due to not having a proper diet during Ramadan. But it is not too late. You can restore your health by adopting a healthy diet and plan that includes nutritional tips. Stay with us.

Nasser Rezaipour stated: It should be noted that the two main meals from the perspective of Persian medical scholars are chasht (breakfast) and dinner.

According to Tasnim, according to him, this doctrine has considerable support in the traditions left by the Holy Prophet and imams, and contrary to popular belief, it is always recommended to eat breakfast and dinner and, if desired and possible, to eat less lunch. .

This traditional medicine specialist stated: Skipping lunch is only possible for healthy people with a moderate mood, and replacing it with traditional salads or fruit salads is not generally recommended.

Rezaipour added: It is better to reduce the size of meals by respecting our temperament and physical conditions and taking into account previous habits in order to avoid overeating and its consequences, including obesity.

He said: regulating and balancing the intellectual, mental and physical inputs and outputs of the body and taking time to be alone with oneself and one’s God, reducing meals in healthy hot-tempered people in the form of reducing lunch or eliminating it, especially in the summer season, are health factors. are.

This traditional medicine specialist said: cold-tempered people can also reduce the amount of food in each meal, eating one type of food in each meal and eating simply, as well as eating only when really hungry and avoiding overeating, eating together and eating together in the main meal, fruits and drinks. They are also factors that promote health in the body.

20 July 1395 10:16

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