Food suggestions for postpartum

Pregnancy is a difficult time for every woman. Most of the women suffer from physical weakness during this period and their body weakens. What kind of diet they take after giving birth is very important both for themselves and for their child. Proper nutrition can increase the health of the mother and the proper and complete development of the child. In this article, we have prepared ten very useful and essential foods for newly graduated women. Stay with us.

1– egg
Eggs are an excellent source of protein and amino acids. This food will give you strength and stamina to take care of yourself and your baby.
Egg yolk is also one of the natural sources of vitamin D, which strengthens your bones and helps your child’s bone development.

Oatmeal is one of the popular foods that increase the secretion of breast milk. This natural grain has high fiber and is easily digestible. Oatmeal is very effective for postpartum constipation, which is a common problem among new mothers.

3– Salmon fish
Salmon has a high nutritional value. This fish contains a high amount of a type of fat called DHA, which helps the development of the baby’s nervous system.

4– Brown rice
Healthy carbs like brown rice are things all new moms should include in their diet. This type of rice has more fiber than white rice and helps to increase the amount and quality of breast milk.

5– blueberry
Fruits that have a lot of antioxidants, such as blueberries, protect the body from free radicals and prevent the mother and baby from getting sick.
In addition, blueberries have all the essential vitamins and minerals that nursing mothers need.

6– Spinach
All green leafy vegetables are good for nursing mothers; But spinach is one of the vegetables that must be included in the diet of these people.
This food is rich in vitamin A, which is beneficial for mother and baby. Folic acid in this vegetable makes new blood cells and is essential for mothers who have lost a lot of blood during childbirth.

7– Lion
Milk consumption by nursing mothers stimulates milk production in the mother’s body. Also, milk contains vitamin B, D and protein and contains essential nutrients for the growth of the baby.

Note: If your child cannot tolerate milk protein, do not consume milk or other dairy products.

8– almond
Almonds are rich in nutrients, including vitamin E and essential fats, which are essential for the health of both mother and baby. Also, almonds have omega 3 which helps to increase breast milk.

9– Fenugreek
Fenugreek contains phytoestrogens that help the mother’s milk production process. This food is rich in iron, fiber, calcium and various vitamins.

10– Fennel
Fennel is another top 10 super food that is great for new moms. This food helps digestion.
One of the best ways to add fennel to your diet is to drink fennel tea. Heat 2 teaspoons of fennel along with 4 cups of water to a boil and simmer for 5 minutes. Then remove it from the heat. Your brew is ready. You can eat it with half a spoon of sugar or honey.

You can also chew a teaspoon of fennel after meals.

In addition to these 10 foods, drinking enough water is very important for new mothers.

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