Foods and foods that aggravate acne

What foods cause pimples and acne on our face, and what methods and recommendations should we take in this field so that we can prevent pimples and acne?

Know website: Pimple or acne is a diverse range of skin lesions that can be seen as red spots or dark spots on the skin or more severe spots under the skin with purulent lesions on the trunk, limbs, and face. Usually, food does not cause acne. Although fatty and sweet foods make acne worse in some people, this is not common and other people do not need a diet. Among the foods that cause this cause include:

skimmed milk

People who drink milk have more pimples than those who do not drink milk. (Dairy hormones make the skin out of control) Interestingly, skim milk is worse than whole milk and even skim milk. The reason is not yet known, but it may be due to the different proteins found in this type of milk.

Ice cream

The reason for many pimples on your face can be the consumption of ice cream. Sugar causes inflammation in the skin. In addition to sugar, ice cream also contains dairy products. So if you want to get rid of facial acne, stop eating ice cream.

potato chips

Carbohydrates, especially carbohydrates with a high blood sugar index, cause inflammation that eventually causes pimples on the skin. Regarding the foods that cause acne, the foods with high blood sugar index are the most effective. This time, when you want potato chips, eat peanuts instead, which is a food with a low blood sugar index.


Sugar and dairy products are the main culprits of skin acne. So if you use the combination of these two together, it won’t take more than a few days that you will see acne on your skin.


A slice of pizza is full of high blood sugar index carbohydrates and all the cheese on it is dairy. I suggest you eat vegetable pizza from now on.

white bread

Whenever you want to order a sandwich, order it with wheat bread. The high carbohydrate content of white bread makes skin acne worse.


Most cookies are bad news for your skin because they contain sugar, refined carbohydrates, and dairy. Say goodbye to cookies. I promise you that the pimples will disappear very soon.

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