Foods for people prone to frequent urination

Some energy drinks can be diuretics and cause the production of urine in your bladder. Our advice to people who are prone to frequent urination is to avoid these drinks and foods that stimulate the bladder.

If you suffer from the problem of frequent urination, your basic solution to not suffer from this problem is not to drink liquids when you go out of the house. Drinking certain liquids can even irritate the bladder more.

Coffee, tea and energy drinks in addition to Coca-Cola cause more urine production. Caffeinated chocolates also have the same property.

Among the acidic fruits, citrus fruits and juices containing citrus fruits have the property of increasing urine and can stimulate the bladder. Pineapple, tomatoes, blueberries and cherry juice also lead to urinary incontinence symptoms in those who suffer from frequent urination.

Spicy foods, sugar substitutes, bananas, grapes and plums and artificial flavors in processed foods will also lead to increased urination in these people.


December 6, 1394 15:50

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