Foods that affect cancer

Some foods are helpful in preventing us from developing a variety of cancers, and some foods are also effective in causing cancer. Proper eating habits are an important factor in ensuring our health. In this section, we will introduce you to an anti-cancer diet.

Studies have shown that some foods have been linked to a reduced risk of cancer, including strawberries, tomatoes, and cruciferous vegetables.
“We know that diet is a major risk factor for cancer,” says Easy Health Options. In fact, scientists believe that 30% of all cancers can be prevented through proper nutrition.

Why do certain foods cause cancer?

The results of many studies can help you identify poor eating habits that lead to cancer. Studies have shown that some foods have been linked to a reduced risk of cancer, including strawberries, tomatoes, and cruciferous vegetables. In contrast, some foods, such as processed meats, increase the risk of cancer. Some diets have also been linked to a reduced risk of cancer, with the Mediterranean diet being one of the most well-known examples.

But if making a list of any cancer-related foods seems daunting, there is another effective way to follow an anti-cancer diet that takes into account the energy density of everything on your plate.

Foods with low energy density against cancer

Energy density is a measure of the amount of calories per gram of your food. If this sounds confusing, consider it…

Foods that are high in calories per serving, but not very nutritious (such as pizza, fries, ice cream, etc.) are high-energy foods, while foods that are high in nutrients per serving and Low-calorie foods (such as vegetables, fruits, beans, etc.) are low-energy foods.

For a simpler definition, high-energy foods are typically processed foods, and low-energy foods are mostly whole foods. The energy density of your food can increase your risk of cancer.

Researchers at the University of Arizona recently conducted a study on how eating high-energy foods affects the risk of cancer in postmenopausal women and found that the risk of cancer increases by up to 10 percent. In situations where 10 percent may not seem like a lot, when it comes to cancer, the lowest values ​​that reduce the risk of developing the disease are important.

Researchers in the study, which analyzed data from 90,000 postmenopausal women, found that those who ate foods with higher energy densities were 10 percent more likely to develop obesity-related cancers, such as breast cancer. Pancreas, endometrial cancer, liver cancer, Get stomach cancer, etc.

At first glance, you might think that makes sense, because people who eat high-energy foods are more likely to be overweight or obese. However, it should be noted that the increased risk of cancer was not associated with weight, and this condition only applied to women of normal weight who consumed foods with high energy densities.

Therefore, you do not have to be overweight to be at risk for obesity-related cancers, you just have to follow a poor diet. This diet leads to metabolic imbalances, which increase the risk of cancer. At the very least, this is what researchers suspect.

Follow a low energy diet

If you are planning to eat a low energy diet, here are some of the best options that should be consumed regularly:

Dark leafy vegetables


Green beans







Bell pepper


Citrus fruits




Soup based on broth


Chicken or turkey breast

Low fat dairy products


Brown rice

Whole wheat


It can be difficult to avoid high-energy processed foods on a regular basis. Sometimes you may enjoy eating a slice of pizza or some ice cream. If so, try to follow the 80/20 rule, which means eating whole foods 80 percent of the time and eating junk food the rest of the time.

Also, do not forget to drink a cup of green tea after your leisure time when you follow less healthy eating habits. A new study has shown that this can reduce some of the negative effects of unhealthy eating, such as foggy brains and resistance to Insulin, To neutralize.

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