Foods that are harmful to your skin

Most of the people who are on diets suffer from vitamin deficiency due to low consumption of fruits and vegetables and are exposed to premature aging. Having proper nutrition has a great effect on skin health.

Have you ever wondered why your skin gets dull and wrinkled after several days of holidays and parties? Is sleep aging the only cause of aging of human skin? What effect does nutrition have on human skin? Scientists believe that one of the most important factors in skin aging is diet, in fact, some foods have an adverse effect on skin, hair, and naturally, human teeth. Therefore, the health website has prepared a report of 10 foods that cause skin aging:

Consuming too much sugar triggers the process of glycylation in the body, which is a non-enzymatic reaction of sugars with proteins. One of the most important consequences of this process is dryness and inflexibility of the skin.

burnt meat
This food contains pro-inflammatory hydrocarbons, which can cause skin collagen to break down. So even if you like roast meat, try to remove the black parts.

salty foods
Not using salt in cooking does not guarantee that it is not salty. Many canned foods are prepared with sodium, which can cause water retention in the body for a long time, resulting in a person’s skin looking puffy.

Processed meats
Sausage, sausage, and bacon contain sulfites and other preservatives that inflame the skin and accelerate its aging process. Also, these meats are rich in salt, which automatically makes the skin look swollen.

Spicy foods
Spicy foods aggravate rosacea acne (adult acne) and also cause menopausal disorders. Since spicy foods dilate blood vessels, menopausal women’s skin may look duller and older.

Red Meat
Fatty meat causes the production of free radicals in the body. These radicals have unpaired electrons, cause the destruction of body cells and the release of toxic substances that cause irreparable damage to body tissues.

Energy drinks
These drinks may give you the excitement of a child, but they not only do not keep your teeth healthy, they are also harmful. In fact, the tooth enamel of those who are used to consuming these drinks is very weak.

All citrus fruits can have destructive effects on tooth enamel, but lemonade acts more strongly than its other relatives. Lemon juice causes the most damage to the teeth, and the sugar in this drink is harmful to both the teeth and the skin.

One of the harms of caffeinated substances is dehydration. In fact, caffeine causes the body to lose water and as a result the skin becomes dry and brittle. Therefore, it is better not to drink more than two cups of coffee a day.

black tea
Thanks to the high amount of tannin in black tea, consumers of this drink are not safe from skin spots. However, combining milk with tea reduces some of the negative effects, but we must not forget that adding lemon to tea destroys tooth enamel.

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