Foods that cause bad breath

Gastrointestinal disorders, sinusitis, dehydration, onion or garlic consumption, and smoking are some known factors that cause bad breath. We would like to introduce you to some other foods that cause bad breath.

In this article, 3 foods that cause bad breath are analyzed and analyzed, some of which people do not even imagine that cause bad breath.

1. Peppermint tablets and gums

Commercials only know the condition of a successful date is to use or chew peppermint gum, which will make your mouth smell good and boost your self-confidence.

But the truth is, as soon as the menthol in the gum settles, your mouth conditions and bad breath can become even worse than before. Gums and mouth fresheners contain some sweet and bacterial compounds that can cause bad breath after a while of chewing. These conditions may be different in sugar-free gums and flavorings.

2. Meat

When your body receives more meat than it needs, it automatically breaks it down into carbohydrates to be instantly oxidized and turned into energy. One of these fruits can be ammonia vapor that comes out of the mouth and leads to bad breath.

3. Dried fruits

Dried fruits also contain sugar in which bacteria can grow and these bacteria can cause body odor in the mouth.

On the other hand, these fruits, which are available in dried form in the market, have a lot of sugar, and a piece of dried apricot has as much sugar as a whole fresh apricot.

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