Foods that cleanse the body

With what methods can we eliminate the toxins that enter our body through polluted air every day, what foods have detoxification properties of the body

Our body comes into contact with many pollutants during the day. When we are in traffic, when we breathe in air pollution, when we eat some seafood and… However, you should not worry too much about these contaminations, because there are certain foods that can strengthen the body’s defenses against these toxins.

A study by a group of researchers in one of the most polluted areas of China shows that drinking beverages made from broccoli sprouts can reduce the risks of air pollution in the long term. According to this study, broccoli sprouts contain a high level of an antioxidant called glucoraphanin, which can eliminate some toxins in the air from the body. Broccoli sprout juice is highly concentrated, and researchers believe more studies are needed to determine the effectiveness of lower-concentration broccoli sprout juice.

Olive oil (How many calories are in olive oil?) compared to fish oil, has a greater effect on detoxification. A comparative study in this field has shown that olive oil performs better than itself in dealing with air pollution. It is really hard for the body to tolerate polluted air and it can raise blood pressure. This condition can lead to heart attack or stroke. Fortunately, taking olive oil capsules makes breathing in air pollution easier and improves blood vessel function.

In one of their studies, researchers from the University of Massachusetts concluded that a diet rich in calcium can prevent the absorption of lead in the body. Therefore, don’t neglect a variety of dairy products and foods rich in calcium, such as green leafy vegetables.

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