Foods that increase anxiety

All of us have experienced moments full of stress and anxiety throughout our lives. This is something that has so penetrated under the skin of societies these days that it cannot be ignored. While most of us are aware of the triggers for anxiety, many of us still underestimate the role of various foods and drinks that aggravate this problem. According to nutritionists, some foods and drinks can affect our blood sugar levels and lead to anxiety by creating a vortex of intense excitement.

According to Indiatimes, as mentioned, here are some foods and drinks that you should avoid when you are anxious.

Anxiety has a lot to do with our blood sugar levels, so foods rich in sugar can lead to an increase in blood sugar levels and subsequently cause anxiety in people. Instead of using sweet foods such as cakes, cookies, sweets, etc., you should eat fresh fruits that have natural sugar.

Sweet drinks

Sugary drinks that have been turned into sugary foods can raise blood sugar levels, thus leading to anxiety. Many fruit juices contain a lot of sugar and little fiber, and a low-fiber diet often leads to indigestion and increased blood sugar.


While smoothies are a good source of energy, if they lack protein-rich fruits and vegetables, they can increase your chances of feeling anxious and stressed.

Caffeinated beverages

According to a research, people who consume caffeinated beverages such as coffee, tea, and energy drinks are more prone to experience anxiety and stress. Caffeine activates adenosine receptors in the peripheral and central nervous system, which increases the level of anxiety in people.

Processed foods

Processed foods usually lead to indigestion and inflammation in the stomach, which can cause anxiety. In addition, due to its low fiber content, it can disturb the intestinal system and prevent the healthy functioning of the body.

Alcoholic beverages

Many people believe that alcoholic beverages help them calm their nerves, when in reality it is quite the opposite. Alcohol can affect our blood sugar levels and also lead to insomnia in people. In addition, it can lead to severe dehydration and hangover, anxiety and stress.

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20 November 2019 10:33

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