Foods to avoid before sex

You have probably heard about foods that help increase sexual power. But do you know that there are foods, which can cause loss of sexual power. Beans
Legumes are a good source of fiber and proteins for the body. But they contain a type of sugar that slows digestion and causes bloating and gas. Garlic
Garlic changes the flavor of food. It is good for health, but never use this substance before sex Cheese
When we eat cheese, we smell bad, so avoid this food before sex

Red meat is heavy and can take longer to digest as well French fries
French fries contain fats that can lower testosterone levels and reduce blood circulation. Peppermint pills
While you may think that chewing peppermint pills is good for freshening your breath before sex, studies show that substances in peppermint can lower testosterone levels and this can affect your libido.

July 3, 2013 20:31

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