Free vasectomy

Those who have had a vasectomy and now regret it can return to this operation without paying any cost and regain their fertility. This operation can be performed for free by the order of the Minister of Health!

The head of the Ministry of Health’s Healthy Fertility Department announced the return of free vasectomy across the country.
Regarding the return vasectomy for those who have already been sterilized, Mohammad Eslami said: “This operation is currently performed free of charge throughout the country.”
He added: “Health insurance had previously made exceptions that the Ministry of Health corresponded with this insurance and they announced that they would make this issue public in line with population policy plans.”
The head of the Healthy Reproduction Department of the Ministry of Health stated that the Minister of Health has also announced that from the sources of the Health Transformation Plan, a vasectomy return deductible will be provided free of charge for those who have already been sterilized, adding: All public hospitals are available and people can take advantage of this.
“This issue has been implemented in the country since last year,” Eslami said.
He added: “We do not have any section for vasectomy in the country, and for closing the tubes of women (tubectomy), this operation is not done selectively, and if someone requests, there must be the necessary conditions in it.”

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