Frequently Asked Questions About Brazilian Hip Lifts

How much do you know about Yerzili hip lift? Is this method the same as lifting the hips or does it have other benefits for the candidate? In the article Brazilian hip lift from the section Beauty, skin and hairHi Dr., we discussed this in full, but our dear users asked frequently asked questions about it, which we tried to answer in this post. Stay with us.

What is the difference between a hip lift and a Brazilian hip lift?

Hip lift is a method in which, by changing the shape and size of the buttocks, they make it appear more prominent and younger in appearance. This can include removing loose and sagging skin and liposuction. In some cases, silicone injections are used for hip prosthesis. The Brazilian hip lift, on the other hand, is a method in which fat is removed from an area of ​​your body and injected into the buttocks, and fat is injected instead of silicone implants to shape and lift the buttocks. Usually enough fat is injected to fill the sagging skin, so no skin is removed.

Do I have to have a specific body mass index (BMI) to be able to run for Brazilian hip lift?

BMI, or body mass index, is often used to determine if a patient is fit for surgery. Body mass index is determined by comparing your weight to your height and alerting you to your body fat storage.

BMI is acceptable in the weight range between healthy and slightly overweight. If you are underweight, you probably do not have enough fat to inject into your buttocks, and if you are obese or overweight, surgery may be very dangerous to your health.

While most surgeons use the BMI method, some other surgeons find it unreliable and unreliable. Why? Suppose you are a weightlifter who has large and voluminous muscles, but your body does not have enough fat, so according to your body mass index, you are obese.

How long does a Brazilian hip lift take?

Brazilian hip lifts usually take between 4 and 8 hours. The first part of surgery, incl Liposuction The second part involves re-injecting fat into the buttocks, each of which takes two hours to complete. It also takes time to remove fat impurities.

Where will the fat be removed?

Most of the time, fat is taken from areas where there is a lot of fat in that area. These areas usually include the back, abdomen, extra fat on either side of the waist (called the love handle) and the upper thighs.

Brazilian hip lift

Does a Brazilian hip lift give me an hourglass-like body?

Because your surgeon will most likely remove fat from your midsection and thighs, you will find that these areas look thinner after liposuction. You will look a little thinner in the middle of your body, but you will have rounder and bigger buttocks and it will look much like an hourglass.

Do I have to quit smoking before surgery?

Yes, it is usually recommended that you quit smoking at least two weeks before and after surgery. With the transfer of new fat to the buttocks, blood vessels need to be formed to survive, and smoking has a negative effect on this process. Smoking can also increase the risk of infection.

I have cellulite. Can a Brazilian hip lift make this worse?

Brazilian hip lifts usually improve the appearance of cellulite instead of making it worse. This is because the injected fat fills the dimples and dimples and makes them smoother and firmer.

Where are the scars?

The incisions made for the Brazilian hip lift are so small that they are difficult to detect. A few millimeter incisions may be made in the fat donor areas, which are usually among the natural wrinkles of the skin. The incisions made in the buttocks may be smaller.

When the incisions are closed, you can use products that are made to reduce the appearance of wounds. Silicone wound creams and exfoliating creams can both help, but the best advice is to follow your surgeon’s wound care instructions and expose your wounds to sunlight. Do not put. Exposure of wounds to sunlight worsens the appearance and feel of the wound.

Brazilian hip lift

How can I sleep after surgery?

Any direct pressure on the buttocks can jeopardize the healing process and prevent the formation of new blood vessels in the injected fats. You will most likely be told not to lie on your back for several weeks after surgery. This means that you will most likely need to sleep on your stomach.

You may be able to sleep on your side, but you should change your position regularly as you may still be putting pressure on your hips while lying on your side.

The same is true of sitting. Of course, trying not to sit at all is also difficult. So if you can not avoid sitting, just put one or two pillows under your thigh to reduce the pressure on the buttocks and change your position every 15 minutes and move.

How long does it take to see results?

After recovering from the operation and getting the desired results, it will take a long time to see the results of the Brazilian hip lift. However, weight fluctuations and aging will affect your results. You can maintain your new buttocks by following a healthy lifestyle.

Do I have to have a Brazilian hip lift or use a hip implant?

Deciding on this depends on your goals and fat storage. In most cases, patients have enough fat to get the results they want. However, if you do not have a hip lift, you may need a hip implant instead. However, keep in mind that hip implants are associated with more risks, including capsular occlusion (extra wound formation around the implant), implant displacement, and trauma (fluid or blood clots).

Also, hip implants are not good enough to stay in your body forever, and like most breast implants, you need to plan to replace them in the future.

Brazilian hip lift

How many servings of fat can I inject?

Instead of trying to figure out how much fat to inject, focus on how much fat can improve the appearance of your buttocks. You may get great results just by injecting 200 cc, or you may only need 1000 cc of fat for your hip lift.

Before surgery, your surgeon will give you information about how much fat to remove and how much to inject.

What if I am not satisfied with the results? Can I prove them?

Brazilian hip lifts are irreversible because most of the fat is attached to the muscles, and in some cases, the transplanted fat can be reduced by liposuction around the muscles.

Other problems such as asymmetry in shape and size, distance or insufficient volume can be solved by adding more fat. You should talk to your surgeon about financial policy and quick recovery and improvement of your appearance before surgery.

Brazilian hip lift

When can I not exercise after surgery?

It depends on your surgeon. Some doctors recommend only two weeks after surgery, while others recommend about 6 weeks. However, you should always wait for the surgeon to give you this permission. Always start with light exercise and light cardiovascular exercises such as walking and gradually increase them. Strength training, such as weightlifting and squats and jumping exercises, should be added to the exercise program at the last step.

In fact, some surgeons do not recommend any strength training until two months after surgery. When you are completely healed, then you can start all over again.

Will exercising ruin the results?

Exercise and diet can affect the results because both of them affect the amount of fat. As you lose weight, you will see a reduction in fat storage and a fit of your body.

This means that your hips may be smaller, but the rest of your body may not change. You should also keep in mind that you will never lose fat cells, and these cells will only get smaller. Exercises such as squats, steps, jumping and weightlifting all help build glutathione muscles. If you like the article How to do a Brazilian hip lift Read on for more information.

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