Fruits and vegetables are just as effective for the brain as sports

The result of a new study showed that if you want to have a healthy brain, eat fruits and vegetables. In other words, the more fruits and vegetables you consume, the better your brain health and happiness. In this research, it was shown that people who consume 5 servings of fruit a day have happier brains. to express The responsible author of this article; Dr. Saverio Stranges, “Getting fruits and vegetables along with smoking are among the factors that increase and decrease vitality and brain health, respectively.” In this study, the researchers examined the results of the evaluation of the country of England in which about 14,000 people over the age of 16 were evaluated. 44% of this population were men and 56% were women. The findings of this study showed that 15% of people get few fruits and vegetables, and in addition, 15 people eat enough fruits. 16 to 84 percent of people also ate fruits and vegetables in an average amount. 33.5% of people had a lot of brain health and vitality and ate about 5 servings of fruit during the day, while 6.8% of people ate about one serving or even less than this amount of fruit, which is less than brain vitality. also had The findings of this study were published in the journal BMJ Open.


December 2, 2013 20:57

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