Gel injection into the skin and its side effects

The use of tissue-enhancing materials suitable for correcting wrinkles and the beauty of the cheeks and lips has been one of the old dreams of doctors and patients. The use of these injectable materials dates back to 1997. In that year, bovine collagen was introduced to the market to fill in wrinkles and the term Oscar, and gradually different types of collagen entered the medical market. This absorbable substance was lost up to nine months after Saad. Complications after consuming this substance have been reported in the amount of one to five percent. Some injectables are permanent or non-degradable, such as paraffin oil and liquid silicone.

Injectable gel is effective when it is permanent. It does not have a reactivity and it is well formed and it is easy to inject, it does not decompose and it is absorbable and it has a low probability of infection. It is cheap and can be removed in case of dissatisfaction. Today, most doctors use gels that contain acid. They are hyaluronic, they are hydrophilic or hydrophilic, and they absorb water at the injection site and stay in place with vomiting. It reduces the laughter line correction.

It is recommended to use special lipsticks and creams that increase the volume of the lips and do not inject gel for beauty.

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