General information about the properties of green tea and its very interesting uses

Everyone knows about the properties of green tea these days and it is used a lot in many homes. In this section, we have collected a set of the most complete information about the benefits of this tea and provided it to you so that you can use this tea optimally and benefit from its unique properties. I must explain that green tea powder is green tea that has been ground It has become a powder.

Properties of green tea:

1- It has anti-cancer properties.

2- Drinking it increases the body’s metabolism and thus causes weight loss.

3- Because it has skin rejuvenating antioxidants and anti-aging properties.

4- It is very useful for strengthening vision.

5- It has anti-Alzheimer properties.

6- Increases the body’s immune system.


Ways to use green tea:

1- You can brew it as tea and drink it.

2- When you make pasta or all kinds of pasta, put a few green tea bags in the water.

3- Mix its powder with vanilla ice cream to make green tea ice cream.

4- Mix its powder with a little warm water and apply it on your face, it is one of the best beauty masks.

5- Put green tea leaves in soups and stews.

6- Put its dry leaves in yogurt and cucumber instead of dry mint.

7- Pour some dried green tea in all Iranian dishes along with dried vegetables.


29 September 1392 19:35

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