Genetic problems in 50-year-old fathers

Men who are between the ages of 45 and older should take the necessary care and appropriate tests for having children.

The prevalence of infertility is different in different societies, the reason for that is the difference in healthcare facilities and the difference in the health of different societies.
Many cases of infertility are acquired and develop during life, and many cases of infertility can be prevented, and in men, various factors can be the cause of infertility.
According to the report of IRNA Scientific Group from Ibn Sina Research Institute, Dr. Nasser Amirjanti said about the rate of male infertility among couples: According to the available statistics, about 10 percent of men in the society are somehow facing infertility problems, and among the population of infertile people, in More than 50% of cases, causes and factors related to men are involved, so infertility is a common problem in men.
The kidney and urinary tract surgeon and specialist in explaining the significant issues in the initial evaluation of infertility in men stated: duration of infertility, history of previous pregnancy or abortion of the wife, type of treatment performed, previous surgeries, history of mumps disease, puberty issues and Possible infections are among the important issues that can be investigated in the initial evaluation of infertility.

June 27, 2014 20:24

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