Genetic testing is a way to diagnose cancer

Different people have different genomes, so to treat their disease and also to prescribe the right medicine, one must pay attention to the subject of their genome; For example, in various diseases such as cancer, diabetes, metabolic syndromes, asthma, allergies, heart disease or even the subject of transplantation, it depends on the genome of individuals, and in the case of disease, the problem of the genome should be considered.

Dr. Masoud Hooshmand, on the eve of the first International Congress of Personal Personal Medicine of Iran, stated: This conference will be held from March 28 to March 30 in the Razi Conference Hall of Iran University of Medical Sciences in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Baqiyatallah University, National Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology. Presidential Technology and Iran University of Medical Sciences will be held.

The faculty member of the National Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology continued: “In the margins of this congress, educational panels and workshops will be held and the audience and participants can benefit from the presented materials and new achievements in this field.”

“The issue of pharmacogenetics is also important in this regard, and it can be said that people with different genomes may need different drugs to treat the same disease,” Hooshmand said. For example, the; Two people with different genomes have breast cancer, one of which may be treated with a chemotherapy drug, and the other because of the different genome, the same drug not only does not cure the disease, but also makes the condition worse.

He added: “In this international congress, foreign guests from countries such as Sweden, France, Austria, Spain, Russia and Cyprus will be present and prominent Iranian professors will also participate in the congress, so the participants will benefit from the latest achievements in personal medicine.”

According to the scientific secretary of the First International Congress of Personal Medicine, this congress has retraining privileges for participants. Also, physicians in the fields of genetics, endocrinology, cancer, asthma, allergies and medicine can participate in this congress to learn about the latest scientific achievements in the field of personal medicine. یابند.

Source: Young Iranian

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