Genital warts and ways of transmitting them to the body

Are you familiar with the methods of transmitting genital warts and do you know how this sexually transmitted disease will be transmitted to different people? Sexual contact is the most important cause of this disease. It is better not to use the devices of people with this complication. People with genital warts are at risk for uterine cancer.

“The number of patients with genital warts is increasing in the country, so it is very important to increase public awareness about the ways of transmission and the symptoms of this disease,” said an andrologist.

Dr. Mohammad Reza Safarinejad, an expert in andrology, said about the ways of transmitting the HPV virus (genital warts): Genital warts are not transmitted through swimming pools, towels, kisses, sharing of spoons, forks, glasses and clothes.

He added: “Genital warts are transmitted only through sexual intercourse; In each case, the probability of transmitting the virus increases by 70%.

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The professor of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences stated that 50% of those infected with the virus do not develop symptoms and lesions in the genital area, noting: If a person’s sexual partner became infected with the HPV virus and suffered a skin lesion in the genital area, but the person himself no The species had no symptoms and should not be thought to be infected and should be seen by a doctor immediately.

Regarding the increase in the number of patients with genital warts in the country, Safarinejad said: “European countries and the United States have included the vaccine for this disease in their national vaccination program.” For this reason, the virus has been controlled in European and American countries, but in our country, no action has been taken yet.

He added: “The inclusion of a vaccine in the national vaccination program requires a detailed and comprehensive study, which unfortunately has not yet taken any steps in this regard.”

The urologist reminded in another part of his speech: If patients refuse to have sexual contact with an infected person in time, this disease will be treatable, otherwise the disease will worsen.

According to him, genital warts in women carry a risk of cervical cancer.

“Treatment of genital warts is not possible for some people, and unfortunately insurance does not cover the treatment of this disease, and this causes some to refuse to see a doctor, which in addition to exacerbating the disease, the possibility of transmitting the virus to others,” Safarinejad concluded. It also follows people. Therefore, it is better for insurance companies to think of a solution in this regard.

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