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Lifestyle plays an important role in the treatment of tension headaches and migraines. With the arrival of modernity in our country, it has caused headaches caused by anxiety and stress, as well as neurological diseases. In this article from Hi doctor We have prepared information about headaches that are a consequence of modernity. Join us.

The clinical director of the Neurology and Cognitive Sciences Research Center of the Royan Research Institute, referring to the importance of paying attention to the correct lifestyle for the treatment of tension headaches and migraines, said: “Modernity enters our country very quickly, headaches caused by Anxiety And stress as well as neurological diseases.

Dr. Massoud Nabavi stated: The social and economic problems faced by people and the anxious factors that exist in daily life have caused a significant increase in the number of tension headaches and migraines. At the same time, lifestyle is very effective in headaches and people by doing the right social and individual behaviors SportHealthy eating, good sleep, avoiding stress and tension can play an important role in controlling headaches.

In fact, modernity, which has entered the country at a very high speed and we have not yet been able to digest it and adapt it to our lives, has caused environmental pollution and the anxieties and stresses of urban life, as well as many diseases. Has followed the brain.

Common headaches in the country are mainly migraine and tension, with a prevalence of about 10% in men and about 25% in women, and are classified as primary headaches; Secondary headaches are a type that results from disorders such as tumors, infections, vascular disease, and cranial injuries.

A dilemma called self-medication

“One of the biggest problems in all societies is the issue of headache self-medication,” said the neurologist, stressing that headaches are always a warning and alarm. People start taking painkillers without seeing a doctor, while healing headaches with painkillers does not mean that the patient has a simple and tense headache. In fact, sometimes tumor headaches are relieved with painkillers in the first days of illness.

MS Fellowship added: “Considering that most headache drugs contain narcotics, they cure the patient in the first days, but excessive use of these drugs in such a way that more than 10 to 15 are used during the month, not only helps to cure It causes headaches to become daily painkillers, and in many cases interferes with the doctor’s correct diagnosis and complicates treatment.

Emphasizing that all headaches should be taken seriously, Nabavi said: “In most cases, the problem of headache is a simple episodic tension, but these warnings may be due to the presence of a dangerous tumor in the head that requires vigilance and sensitivity.”

The neurologist continued: “Headaches that are progressive in such a way that the patient has had few headaches in the past and the pain has increased over time, need to be carefully examined; Also in the case of very severe and sudden headaches that lead to waking up and usually accompanied by Vomit The emergency room must be contacted.

According to Nabavi, headaches that are accompanied by other illnesses such as abdominal pain, chest pain, fever, memory loss, dizziness, seizures or touching a part of the body should be referred to a doctor immediately, as well as headaches in the elderly. It occurs and the person does not have headaches in adolescence and suffers from headaches after the age of 60. Finally, headaches that start after the trauma and the patient has not experienced recurrent headaches before the trauma should be taken seriously.


Headaches and parasites

According to the clinical director of the Royan Research Center for Neurology and Cognitive Sciences, parasites also cause headaches and brain problems.

Nabavi said: “Parasites are microwave waves that cause cell warming and changes in the genetic tissue and protein content of cells and can cause a lot of damage, but exactly how long these waves with how much intensity.” They cause damage, due to the lack of serious studies on humans, not the person, but in animal experiments, the results show that these waves include brain dysfunction, imbalance, lack of concentration and dizziness.

Source: IRNA

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