Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Restaurant’s worst meals

In this article from Hi doctor We have dealt with the worst meals in restaurants. In this article, we want to introduce you to meals that are very harmful to the body. If your body health is important to you, be sure to read this article and do not miss it. Join us.

Many restaurants now even have fresh fruit in fast food chains. These fruits are not on the dessert list, but you can order them separately.

1. Buffalo Chicken Salad:

Contains: 1040 calories, 72 grams of fat, 3470 mg of sodium. Fried meat, fatty sauces and cheese in this food greatly increase its caloric content. This food, like chocolate ice cream, is high in fat. In addition, this salad has about 25% more fat than other salads.

2. French ham and toast:

Contains: 1130 calories, 20 grams of saturated fat, 1780 mg of sodium. If you want to eat a high-calorie food source before lunch, eat this food for breakfast. As a result, use this food when you want to absorb a lot of calories. In addition, the amount of saturated fat and sodium in this food is more than the daily allowance.

3. Chicken Fajita:

Contains: 1300 calories, 47 grams of fat, 4800 mg of sodium. Chicken Fajita It can be a healthy food option. But it is often served with sour cream, string cheese, re-fried beans and fried rice. In general, this food pack has a lot of calories. Instead, it is better to eat grilled peppers, onions, Chicken And use fresh salsa sauce.

4. Fried rice with vegetables:

Contains: 1090 calories, 19 grams of fat, 2210 mg of sodium. Do not imagine because in this food the vegetables There are considered to be the healthiest food options. Fried vegetables and rice can be rich in unhealthy foods. Instead, choose steamed foods that contain brown vegetables and rice. Also, consume about half a cup of rice.

5. Pasta with carbonara sauce:

Contains: 1570 calories, 113 grams of fat, 2460 mg of sodium. Grilled chicken and shrimp can be good food options. But if these foods are mixed with carbonara sauce, they are no longer a very healthy food option. A plate of pasta mixed with shrimp and chicken with carbonara sauce is an unhealthy food option. In addition, this food has more fat than half a donut.

6. Deep dish pizza with sausage:

Contains: 2300 calories, 164 grams of fat, 4910 mg of sodium. Deep dish pizza can be an unhealthy food. Eating a sausage pizza absorbs a lot of calories, so that the amount of calories absorbed exceeds the daily requirement. In addition, sausage pizza contains twice as much fat as you need daily.

7. Sandwich Club:

Sandwich Club

Contains: 1520 calories, 20 grams of saturated fat, 3500 mg of sodium. Club sandwiches are called an insidious food. Even if the club sandwich contains low-fat turkey and chicken, consuming it will cause high absorption of calories and saturated fats. This sandwich contains ham, cheese, a large extra loaf of bread and mayonnaise. Instead, order a turkey noodle sandwich. Ask the restaurant manager to include plenty of vegetables in your sandwich Avocado Put.

8. A large press of fried potatoes:

You may think that eating fried potatoes is not a problem, but that is a misconception. A large press of fried potatoes contains more calories and unsaturated fats than a loaf of white bread. If you are interested in eating French fries, order a small press of French fries. By doing this, you will absorb 788 fewer calories.

9. Mini hamburger (Slider):

Contains: (every 4 mini hamburgers) 1560 calories, 83 grams of fat, 4520 mg of sodium. If you order a mini hamburger press at a restaurant, they will bring you 4 mini hamburgers. Eating them all is not good for your health. A dish containing 4 mini hamburgers has 440 calories. Do not order a full mini hamburger press to avoid absorbing this amount of calories. If you order a full mini hamburger, eat only two mini hamburgers and pack the other two and eat tomorrow.

10. Find the hidden calories

You can identify fattening foods by carefully reading the restaurant menu. Look for clues in food menus. Words such as fried, roasted, cheese, creamy, buttery or crunchy can be a sign of excess fat or calories. Foods that are crispy are often fried in oil.

11. Ask how the food is cooked.

How you prepare a meal has a big impact on your health. Cooking fish with different vegetables and lemon juice adds much fewer calories and fat to the food. Other healthy ways to cook food include grilling, boiling, roasting, cooking and steaming.

12. Based on the food menu:

Avoid ordering foods that contain ham and are too heavy. Instead, choose small plates or share your food with others. When you go to a Mexican restaurant, order grilled red meat, a cup of turtle-chicken soup, a salad and a fruit salad.

13. Reduce food press:

Avoid eating large hamburger sandwiches. You can use sandwiches for children. Eating smaller sandwiches will help your body absorb fewer calories. In general, avoid large burgers, high-fat fries and large sodas, as they are high in calories (1320 calories), while eating cheeseburgers, small fried potatoes and small soda will lower your calories (500 calories).

14. Hide your food temptations.

Restaurants want to give you the feeling that there is a lot of food on the table. Restaurants start with baskets full of bread or chips. This will allow you to absorb hundreds of calories before your main meal. Ask the waiter to remove or reduce these baskets from the table.

15. Pasta:

Pasta rich in cream sauce can be an unhealthy food option. Pasta contains a creamy sauce rich in fat, calories and cholesterol. Instead, eat a small press of whole-grain pasta with better sauces such as oyster sauce, marinara without meat, primavera without cream, and marsala without butter.

16. Pizza:

A few small changes in pizza ingredients can reduce calories and fat. For example, use vegetables instead of meat, reduce the amount of sauce you eat, eat a few slices of pizza and take the rest home.

17. Dessert:

Many restaurants now even have fresh fruit in fast food chains. These fruits are not on the dessert list, but you can order them separately.

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