Get rid of impotence by prosthetic testicles

With testicular prosthesis, there is no more news about male erectile dysfunction, and those who suffer from impotence can regain their sexual health with this operation.

The head of the Iranian Family Health Scientific Association considered testicular prosthesis as one of the treatments for erectile dysfunction in men and said: “This method is used for men for whom common treatments such as medication, injectable drugs and device use are not suitable.” Dr. Mohammad Reza Safarinejad He told Dr. Salam about testicular prosthesis in men: “Lack of testicles in men leads to severe psychological stress in them.” These men feel that they lack something in terms of masculinity that the use of testicular prosthesis in these people can be very helpful for them.

“Testicular prosthesis is one of the treatments for erectile dysfunction in men,” he said.

The head of the Iranian Scientific Association of Family Health, considering that this method is being performed all over the world, said: “These prostheses are a very accurate and advanced device that requires special experience and skills, which should be said, fortunately, the necessary skills and techniques to perform.” This method exists in our country.

According to him, before implanting these prostheses, the doctor should provide explanations to the patient and also give information about the complications and benefits to the patient.

In another part of his speech, he reminded: There are different types of penile prostheses, one of which is a two-piece prosthesis, which consists of two cylinders made of silicone and semi-solid, and the person can flex it with his hands. It is one of the disadvantages of this type of prosthesis, but it is one of the cheap prostheses that its implantation has very few side effects.

The urologist described three-piece prostheses as another type of penis prosthesis, adding: “This type of prosthesis will create a natural erection mechanism for men and has a pump bag that is inside the scrotum and also a tank that is inside The pelvis is placed and a part consists of two cylinders that are inserted into the penis.

He added: “If necessary, by pressing on the pump bag, fluid comes out of the tank and enters the tank located in the pelvis, and finally flows into the tanks, which creates an erection for men, which is the opposite of this operation.” It can also destroy erections.

The head of the Iranian Family Health Scientific Association said about the complications of implanting this type of prosthesis: “Implanting these prostheses is a very difficult task that requires special skills and like any other mechanical device, it may be damaged, in which case removing it will cost the patient a lot of money.” Includes. There is also a counterfeit version of these three-piece prostheses on the market that poses potential risks.

“Implant implants are very expensive and cost about 15,000 euros, so it is not affordable for all patients,” he said in response to a question from reporter Anna about the cost of implanting prostheses.

Safarinejad further said: the placement of these prostheses, like any other foreign body that is placed in the body, predisposes the person to infection, and in case of this danger, the prosthesis must be removed. Exit, in which case it must be removed immediately.

In the end, he pointed out: the mentioned complications regarding the implantation of prostheses in people with diabetes are much more.

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