Get rid of strokes with simple methods

Stroke is associated with mental health problems of different people. If you want to avoid this complication, we suggest that you pay more attention to your mental health. Emotional and psychological support and coping with stress will have beneficial effects on preventing stroke in different people. put .

A recent study suggests that hospitalization for psychiatric disorders may be associated with an increased risk of stroke in the weeks and months following hospitalization. A report from this study was presented at the International Stroke Conference in Houston. The study claims that hospitalization for people with acute psychiatric problems such as depression, anxiety disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) triples the risk of stroke in these patients. The risk decreases after 30 days, but remains significant for at least a year. “We have theories to make this clearer, but they are just theories,” says Dr. Zofflat (lead author of the study). “So at the moment, we can not fully explain the reasons for this.” Researchers suspect that certain psychiatric illnesses may overstate the body’s response to stress. One of the consequences of this reaction is high blood pressure, and this condition itself can cause a stroke. Therefore, doctors advise those around patients who need to be admitted to psychiatric hospitals to be patient and provide emotional and psychological support and give them the belief that their place among family members is still the same as before. will be.


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