Get tested for AIDS if you have these symptoms

Experts recommend that if one or more of these symptoms occur frequently in your body, it is best to get tested for AIDS or HIV to be sure. Let’s compare these warning signs.

The HIV virus is transmitted through certain means such as shared syringes, blood or sexual contact with an infected person. The disease has common symptoms that should be referred to a doctor as soon as they are seen.


In a disease such as the flu, a sudden fever can be normal, but if the fever persists for a long time, you should see your doctor and get tested immediately if needed and diagnosed, as this is an important symptom of HIV. He is considered.


The HIV virus directly affects the body’s resistance and lowers energy levels, so if you always feel tired, this is not normal and you should see a doctor.

Muscular pain

You should see a doctor if your legs, back and joints are constantly injured during daily activities.

Headache and sore throat

Once the HIV virus enters the body, the weakened immune system and infections easily enter the body and attack the cells and systems, which is why most people with the virus often feel burning in the mud and are trapped for days or even nights. They become severe headaches.

Hives on the skin

The skin is one of the most important parts of the body that reacts to viruses. With HIV, the skin becomes itchy and urticarial.

Weight Loss

If a person suddenly loses his appetite and loses weight quickly, he should see a doctor immediately.

Dry cough

Sticky, dry cough is one of the main symptoms of HIV.

Sweating at night

Sleep problems, sleep apnea, and persistent sweating are signs of the HIV virus that should be identified if they are present.

Fragile nails

Yellow discoloration of the nails is caused by the HIV virus and is one of the symptoms of the infection.

Difficulty concentrating and paying attention

If you always feel restless and have difficulty concentrating, you should consult your doctor.

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