Get to know the factors that cause skin cracking

Losing weight, using creams and wearing suitable shoes can prevent the occurrence of cracked feet. Some factors such as heredity and menopause are among the causes of this condition on the skin.

Gholamhossein Ghafarpour, a dermatologist and hair specialist, stated regarding the cause of cracked feet: It should be known that the outermost surface of the skin is the stratum corneum. This layer is about 20 to 25 microns and is normally shed from the skin and visible.

He added: When the production of this stratum corneum is increased for any reason and its shedding is reduced, it becomes moist and dry due to the absorption of moisture caused by water and sweat.

He said: This incident happens many times and like the bottom of rivers when water accumulates in winter and cracks in summer, this happens in the stratum corneum and shows itself as a crack.

Ghafarpour pointed out: What is common usually occurs in women from the age of 45 onwards on the soles of the feet, which is called menopausal cracking, which is also related to the causes of menopause.

This skin and hair specialist stated: There are other causes, one of which is heredity, in which, in addition to the soles of the feet, the palms of the hands crack and thicken, and it is possible. Other areas of the body such as hair, teeth have problems or the sweat glands work too little or too much, which are hereditary cases associated with the thickness of the skin.

He emphasized: In another case, superficial skin fungal diseases that affect the soles of the feet are seen mostly in those who go to swimming pools. Some medicines also cause the skin of the soles and feet to thicken and become scaly.

Ghafarpour said: The most common type of stretch marks is seen on the legs, which has hereditary causes, or women who reach the age of menopause get stretch marks on their legs.

This skin and hair specialist added: The treatment for this condition is to cover the soles of your feet with a bag or pebbles while bathing and to use exfoliating drugs prescribed by a skin specialist, which weaken the bonds of the horny layers and make them fall off. and in the end there is a relative recovery.

He said: In some cases, people are allergic to soil or synthetic fibers, and in contact with these substances, they experience eczema, thickening of the skin, and cracking of the skin, which is not seen in everyone.

Ghafarpour clarified: He did not consider the role of oily and dry skin to be effective in the occurrence of cracked feet and said: Since there are no fat glands in the soles of the feet, this condition has nothing to do with dry skin.

October 6, 2013 19:36

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