Getting fit and improving physical health

The stresses caused by constant hunger and extreme fatigue create a series of actions and chain reactions in the existence of every person, which we have simply depicted for you in the following lines.
The effects of stress on the body system, affecting the functioning of the thyroid gland, out of balance production of thyroid hormones and changing the form of their function. As you know, the T3 hormone increases the burning of various fats. Under the influence of the increase in effective stress hormones caused by overt and hidden hunger, another type of T3 hormone called (rT3) is added to the production of thyroid hormone, whose task is to burn incoming and accumulated fats instead. , keeping them in the body.

That is, by inhibiting the T3 receptors in the cells of various body fats, even inside the cells in the abdomen, sides, thighs, and seat, it prevents the action of the T3 hormone to remove and burn the fats in the mentioned areas.

Of course, the r.T3 hormone is also considered one of the life-preserving hormones, because without it, we would either have to eat every 2 hours or we would die. And dinner or 2 or 3 snacks in the middle of the day and in the evening and before going to bed can be consumed gradually and quickly prevent the body from being depleted of energy, so that if we are deprived of receiving energy for a longer period of time due to unexpected factors and an insufficient breath. There should be no danger to the continuation of our lives.

In order to clarify the matter, the issue of rationing is mentioned. If under certain conditions a bag of rice and a bag of beans are delivered to you for consumption for the next month, and under no circumstances the possibility of renewing them until the end of the month is available, you have to calculate the ration amounts in days and Divide the snacks every day so that you don’t have to endure hunger for the remaining days and weeks before the new delivery time ends.

In your body, the rT3 hormone is responsible for energy rationing when hunger symptoms appear in the body, and with its presence, it saves and stores fats in the body, even if there is a significant amount of fat as energy storage in the abdominal cavity, sides, and seat. When starving or starving, the rT3 hormone closes the entrance of T3 like a guard, which not only prevents the removal of stored fats, but also saves fuel, providing new savings in the form of accumulation and new storage, which in this situation, any food item which is received will only be made into fat and stored.

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