Getting to know more about masturbation (masturbation)

According to the definition, manipulation of the body and genital areas by a person to achieve sexual pleasure, masturbation or masturbation (in the colloquial term, Jagh) is called. Among many religions, cultures and scientific societies, masturbation is condemned and forbidden.
In general, the complications and adverse effects of masturbation are as follows:
feel guilty
Getting used to it and increasing the frequency (in case of excess, it can cause some mental and psychological problems as well as some physical problems)
Creating problems in marital sexual relations in the future (one of the common problems of couples)
It does not have as many positive effects as healthy natural sexual intercourse (people who have healthy, natural and correct sexual intercourse usually have a high level of calmness, self-confidence and inner energy, but these benefits are not obtained in masturbation).

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12 February 2014 11:13

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