Golden ways to have thick hair

Thick and beautiful hair can multiply the beauty of all people. Undoubtedly, everyone wants to have thick hair. In addition to genetics, other factors can also affect having thick hair, including nutrition, detergents. Inadequate and air pollution. In this article, we want to introduce you to the basic care for hair growth and strengthening.

If you are one of those people who have referred to different doctors to treat your hair or prevent hair loss and strengthen it and have used different chemical drugs and have not got the desired result, it is better to join us to answer the question of how Get thick hair

As you can see, people in countries like India, China, Korea, and… who use natural remedies and traditional medicine to care for their hair and skin have achieved far better results than countries that have established chemical drugs.

We have tried to use their experiences in strengthening hair as well as our traditional Iranian medicine and introduce you to useful and effective treatment ways to prevent hair loss and thicken and make them healthier.

Strengthen hair

The use of different vegetable oils has a great effect on thickening and strengthening the hair. The best of them are the following oils. However, note that each type of oil is suitable for a particular hair and improper use of them may have positive effects. Do not leave on hair and even be harmful – how to have thick hair

Hair oil

Pomegranate seed oil: This oil is very suitable for soft hair. The unic acid in this oil strengthens and revitalizes weak and thin hair. Usually, people with soft hair have thin hair that is not very resistant to stronger drugs. For this reason, pomegranate seed oil, in addition to its properties, prevents damage to the hair. You can also mix this oil with olive oil to make it thinner and easier to use, and you can enjoy the properties of both oils at the same time. take

Avocado oil: Unlike pomegranate seed oil, this oil is used for thicker and coarser hair because the vitamins and proteins in it strengthen the ascites strands and repair and put together regular strands of hair. This oil splits the hair follicles. It fills and strengthens the hair, which also prevents hair loss and frizz

Olive oil: If your hair is thick and not in good condition and shine, you can use olive oil, since olive oil can provide the necessary materials for the hair to some extent. Not too much hair is very effective

But since this oil is one of the heavy oils, it is better not to use it for weak and thin hair.

Rice bran oil: This oil is recommended for all people with any type and type of hair because it is not possible to damage the hair due to its use.

Vitamin E in rice bran strengthens the hair follicles and prevents breakage, weakening, frizz and هم It also repairs damaged tissues – how to have thick hair

Cannabis oil: This oil is not as harmful as rice bran and its use is unobstructed for any person. Amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, proteins and minerals in it provide the necessary nutrients for your hair and strengthen, beautify and Your hair grows thicker

Hair thickening

Rosemary oil is a very effective oil for thickening thinning hair because it contains significant amounts of iron, calcium and B vitamins. This oil is highly irritating to the hair follicles and causes thickening of the hair.

Sweet almond oil cures conjunctivitis. Also, the presence of vitamins A, E and B makes this oil very unique, which in addition to repairing, strengthening and treating conjunctivitis, improves blood flow to the scalp and improves hair growth.

Using a mousse, especially a high-quality herbal mousse, plays an important role in thickening your hair. After washing your hair, while the hair is still wet, massage the mousse on the scalp and gently massage it on the hair shafts. This will help strengthen and thicken your hair a lot

The role of nutrition in hair thickening

Nutrition plays a very important role in hair growth and strengthening, and if your nutrition is not proper, care and use of drugs and hair strengtheners will not work.

Since a large part of hair is made up of protein, having enough protein in your diet is very important and necessary, so be sure to include enough protein in your diet.

Studies show that consuming less than 7% of protein calories per day causes weak hair and changes in hair pigments

Protein can be supplied to your body by consuming substances such as dairy, white and red meats such as fish, shrimp, mutton and beef, legumes, soy, eggs, nuts, and so on.

Hair growth also requires a lot of fat, so try to include omega-3s in your diet.

Fat prevents the hair shafts from drying out, and about 3% of the hair is composed of lipids, and its deficiency causes problems such as dryness, brittleness, dandruff and scalp.

You can get omega-3s through cannabis, soy, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, whole grains, eggs, lychees and shrimp.

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