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Boiled foods are the best menus for breakfast. All kinds of stews are suitable for feeding you in breakfast. I will introduce you to the best foods in this field.

The teacher of traditional medicine said: It is better to use more boiled foods in the morning meal.

Youssef Asghari, researcher and teacher of traditional medicine, said about the measures for dawn of Ramadan: Foods that are recommended for dawn should be boiled.

According to him, the best types of food in the morning meal include green vegetable stew, spinach plum stew, pumpkin stew, almond sliver stew, okra stew, rhubarb and celery stew, minced meat stew.

Asghari continued: It is better that these stews are prepared with some chicken meat or a little mutton meat, and Omani lemon and fresh tamarind are used as seasoning.

This researcher and teacher of traditional medicine said: It must be consumed from the time of breaking the fast until dawn to compensate for water and body fluids from all kinds of soups, especially barley soup, cucumber buttermilk, yogurt and cucumber, pomegranate paste, and dairy products in various forms.

Asghari said: It is better to avoid packaged snacks (chips, puffs, chewing gum, cocoa, sunflower seeds, etc.) from iftar to dawn because they dry out the digestive system. Of course, raw pumpkin seeds are one of the most suitable snacks to reduce thirst during the day and compensate for the moisture lost due to fasting, especially for hot-tempered people who can eat 20 to 30 of them every night.

He stated: Also, to reduce thirst during the day and night of the day and night, it is better to follow the above conditions, it is better to eat a mixture of purslane seeds with a glass of watermelon juice or low-fat yogurt at dawn, and you can also eat a spoonful of sweet almond oil at dawn. Or hazelnut oil should be consumed along with a glass of violet flower syrup and a spoonful of purslane seeds.

How to prepare violet flower syrup or paneerak:

– Put a spoonful of violet flowers or cheese in a glass of cold water and soak it overnight until morning, then strain it in the morning and consume it with a spoonful of sweet almond oil.

– The occurrence of excessive thirst in the month of Ramadan is due to the heating of the liver and heart during the day, and it is necessary to use cool drinks such as shatare, chicory, kialk, tajrizi, green lettuce, etc. The heat of the liver and heart will subside and thirst will be removed.


June 19, 2015 23:31

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