Guarantee the health and beauty of your eyes at the lowest cost

If you want to mark with a 3 arrow, don’t miss this article. If you want to multiply the beauty and attractiveness of your eyes in addition to the health of your eyes without spending a lot of money, we suggest for once to follow the example of Cleopatra, the last emperor of ancient Egypt, and guarantee the health and beauty of your eyes at the lowest cost.

You want long and beautiful eyelashes

Repeat Cleopatra’s version

For many young women and girls, it is important to have thick and long eyelashes. For this reason, they use all kinds of eyelash-enhancing and volumizing mascaras to multiply the beauty of their eyes. Accessories that, if we do not approach them carefully, can be a factor in losing the beauty of the eyes. But don’t worry, we have another suggestion for you. Let’s make your eyes beautiful and attractive like Cleopatra. It is enough to apply hazelnut oil and massage the eyelashes with this oil. It is enough to dip the fingers of both hands in 2 drops of this oil and massage the eyelashes. Do this every day to see the result after a month. You will see how much the implementation of this simple and continuous method can increase the attractiveness and beauty of your eyes. Just remember that you should not use too much hazelnut oil, 3 to 4 drops of hazelnut oil are enough to massage the eyelashes and it is easily absorbed.

Do you want to enhance the effect of the eyes?

Do not neglect the effect of eyebrows

Do not underestimate having thick and happy eyebrows. If you want your eyes to be more attractive, you need to pay more attention to your eyebrows. Pay attention to their thick back. If you have thin eyebrows, it is better to use coconut oil to massage them. One or two drops of coconut oil is enough to gently apply it every night on the hair strands and the root of the eyebrow hair or massage the eyebrows with coconut oil in the morning and wash them with lukewarm water in the afternoon and thoroughly with a small wooden brush. brush Brushing is one of the ways that helps your eyebrows to grow better. The recommendation of traditional medicine therapists is to use a wooden brush for both hair combing and eyebrow hair combing, because plastic brushes cause electric current and this itself can cause hair loss. Another way to make eyebrows thick and healthy is to use a teaspoon of egg yolk and white. Mix these two well and apply it on the eyebrows and after half an hour wash it with lukewarm water and brush the eyebrows.


You want to remove fatigue from the eyes

Be sure to try the tea bag compress

If you watch a lot of TV, if you spend a lot of time in front of the computer monitor due to your work, if you study a lot or in the last days of summer you decide to go back to knitting and knit a shawl or sweater for your wife, you should take care of your eyes. be It may be strange for you if you know that eye fatigue and not taking care of it is one of the reasons that over time can cause wrinkles around the eyes and affect the beauty of your eyes. Our recommendation for those of you who strain your eyes a lot during the day is to use a tea bag or tea bag compress two or three times a week. Natural and unprocessed tea is the best choice. It is better to go for herbal tea bags such as chamomile and green tea. Pour some warm water in 2 saucers. Put 2 tea bags in it to absorb the water. Let the teabags get completely wet and let the heat of the water disappear. Then lie down and place the tea bags on your eyes for 15 to 20 minutes and concentrate.

Dislike your red eyes

Do not underestimate the properties of this plant

Eye redness and hyperemia is another reason that can affect a person’s beauty. There are many men and women who complain of red eyes and are looking for a solution for it. Eye redness can have various reasons if you are sure that you are not suffering from high blood pressure or any other disease that may cause your eyes to be red. You can reduce the redness of your eyes with the help of medicinal plants. For this, it is useful to use a compress of valerian and coriander. It is enough to brew the valerian and mix it with coriander water after it becomes lukewarm. Then make a ball of clean cotton and soak it in this extract. Close the eyes and put the cotton ball on the eyes. This method helps to gradually reduce the redness of the eyes and make your eyes look more attractive than ever.

Are you looking for a solution for wrinkles on the eagle’s paws?

Experience “It” massage with olive oil

The small and large wrinkles that appear around the eyes like eagle’s paws over time not only show off our age, but also diminish the beauty and freshness of the eyes. There is a simple way to prevent and treat these types of wrinkles, and that is to use olive oil for “It” massage. This massage is done with the help of 2 index fingers. For this purpose, it is enough to dip the tips of both fingers in olive oil and then start the massage. For this purpose, place the index finger of the right hand on the end of the left eyebrow and gently pull it on the eyelid and nasal bone, and this time pass it under the right eye. Immediately place the index finger of the left hand on the end of the right eyebrow and repeat the same path on the right eye. In this case, with the help of massaging it and repeating it at night, you can remove wrinkles and wrinkles from your eyes and thus guarantee their beauty for a long time.


Dark circles around the eyes are worrying you

Try this mask

Bruises and dark circles around the eyes are one of those problems that many people struggle with. There are various treatments in modern medicine and among natural treatment methods to remove the bruise around the eyes, all of which seem to be temporary methods with short-term effects. So, our suggestion is that instead of spending a lot of money on all kinds of creams and lotions, get this natural mask. A mask whose components can be found in the kitchen of every home. To prepare this mask, cook and grate a small potato. When it gets cold, mix it with 2 spoons of milk and one spoon of olive oil and apply a mask on the bruises under the eyes. Wash off the mask after half an hour, this mask can make the dark circles around your eyes less and less colored day by day.

You prefer the old ways

Make a bet on one condition

You have heard many times about the properties of serum and its effect on increasing the attractiveness of the eyes, and you know that the use of serum to benefit from its therapeutic properties has been common among men and women since ancient times. Our advice to you is to use eye serum to increase the attractiveness of your eyes and make your eyelashes thicker and stronger, but be careful not to put the serum into your eyes. The best thing is to apply the serum on the eyes and in the direction of the roots of the eyelashes. In this way, you can easily benefit from the properties of Sarme. In this case, you can use the serum with peace of mind. Since these days, many products are sold in stores with the name Sarmeh, and it is almost difficult for us to identify the original and fake ones, you should be more careful about choosing Sarmeh and try to get products that are available to sellers with the permission of the Ministry of Health. Is.

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