Hair loss treatment at home

When you look at the floor of the bathroom, it is time to notice that part of your hair has fallen out and your scalp is empty. You are probably scared of this situation and you are looking for pills and medicine. You may even visualize your head for a few moments with a few thin hairs. Loss of hair causes fear and concern.

But fortunately there are different treatments for it. Talk to Dr. Parvaneh Saket, a dermatologist and hair specialist, about this, which you can read below.

“All human beings suffer from hair loss,” he said at first. Naturally, we lose 50 to 3 hairs every day, and more than this amount per day is considered “loss” depending on the volume of hair, and in general, hair loss can be sudden and short-lived. Widespread or observed slowly over the years.
Dr. Saket continued: There are different types of hair loss that in one type of hair loss may be seen in children or hair loss in an area due to excessive pulling or fungal disease in children. Some inflammatory hair diseases can also manifest as baldness in some places. Another common type of hair loss is thinning and reduced hair growth and shortening the life of hair, which in the form of baldness in men and thinning hair in the front of the head in women.
“Usually, patients complain of hair loss at home and in the bathroom,” he said. And many acute and chronic diseases can cause hair loss. Some illnesses, such as high fever, major surgery, infections of various parts of the body, and even a severe cold, can cause hair loss. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy for cancers can also cause acute hair loss. Some people brush their hair regularly and suffer from hair loss, which may even include eyebrows and eyelashes.
In response to the question whether there is hair loss in children, Dr. Saket said: In children, bald fungus can cause hair loss, which can be improved with treatment, and of course, in certain cases, delay in treatment can cause permanent hair loss. He pointed out: In women, some factors are the cause of hair loss, which are hormonal changes; Postpartum hair loss continues for several months after delivery but improves, and during menopause there is hair loss but hair regrowth gradually. He stated: One of the important causes of hair loss is severe or chronic stress, especially in the loss of loved ones. The dermatologist said about the effect of nutrition on hair loss: In severe diets, a person may experience hair loss after 4 to 6 months. High levels of vitamin A or vitamin A-like medications, protein deficiencies in diet, iron deficiency in the daily diet, and neurological disorders such as anorexia nervosa are other causes of acute hair loss. Pregnancy control, bodybuilding hormones and thyroid medications and most medications can cause hair loss. The dermatologist commented on the effect of cosmetics on hair: hair care products; Excessive mesh and color, gels, hair sprays make the hair shaft brittle. Excessive use of hair dryers and hair irons to straighten or curl the hair, draws water from the hair shaft and causes dryness and brittleness of the hair. It is better to use this tool after drying hair. Techniques such as tight ponytails or stiff tissues cause a type of hair loss called stretch hair loss that may be permanent. Excessive brushing, too much massage with a towel when the hair is wet also makes it brittle. Note that the brittleness of the hair occurs in the hair shaft and causes the hair to break, and of course the hair does not fall out from the roots. In the end, Dr. Saket said about slow hair loss over time, which is the same type of inherited baldness: Hair loss, which is always slow and over time, is one of the most common types of baldness in both sexes, especially in men. And it starts in men and women after puberty, so that thinning and reduced hair growth starts from the temples and gradually the hairline in front of the head recedes and progresses with age. In women, hair loss is widespread in the form of reduced hair density and flattening. This type of hair loss in women can be seen in the presence of multiple cysts in the ovaries, acne and excess hair.
You can use some foods as therapeutic supplements for your beauty and give freshness and beauty to your hair by eating them instead of spending a lot of money. Having beautiful, long and thick hair increases self-confidence and beauty, especially in women, and all people, both men and women, during different years of life want to have healthy hair, in addition to hair care, bathing and hygiene. Individuals Food sources consumed by a person are also highly effective on hair growth or hair loss instead. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables is important for hair growth and preventing many diseases, but among the foods, some of them have a particularly positive effect on hair growth, and experts, especially those who suffer from hair loss. Hairdressers recommend including these foods in their diet to see their unique effects on the health of their hair.
Salmon fish
This fish is rich in nutrients such as vitamin D, animal protein and omega-3 fatty acids for hair growth and scalp health is very useful. People who regularly eat fish in their weekly diet are less likely to suffer from hair loss, thinning hair and thinning hair.
Eggs are a great source of omega-3s and also contain biotin (which many people around the world use to supplement their hair growth), but experts also recommend that people only use it to keep their hair healthy. Use egg yolk.
This nut is also very useful for the health of the body and due to its high biotin content, it can be used to strengthen hair and prevent thinning hair.
sweet potato
This delicious and nutritious food is another very useful ingredient for hair growth and strengthening. Potatoes contain beta-carotene, a high percentage of which is beta-carotene.
sunflower seed
These small, delicious seeds contain high amounts of vitamin E, which improves blood flow to the scalp, thus preventing hair loss or slow growth.
Yellow bell pepper
Yellow bell peppers contain about five and a half times more vitamin C than an orange. Vitamin C is an antioxidant essential for strengthening the hair shaft and follicles. It also prevents breakage and frizz.
Avocado is also one of the fruits with many properties and useful for the health of the body, especially hair. Avocados are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which can be used to build new cells in the skin and hair. You can mix avocado with sour cream and use it as a strengthening hair mask for the beauty and thickness of your hair.

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