Halim consumption for breaking the fast

How much do you know about the nutritional value of Haleem? What are the benefits of this traditional local food for fasting people and what are its benefits for the body?

Director of Nutrition Department of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences stated: Haleem is a suitable food for breaking the fast provided that it is consumed without oil and with cinnamon.

Dr. Seyed Mustafa Nachovak, a nutritionist, regarding the consumption of Halim in fasting people, said: During the fasting days, blood sugar reduction is a common phenomenon, especially during iftar, so it is necessary for the fasting person to eat a food that contains starch compounds and is easily absorbed. The body can use it, or in other words, it is fast digesting and fast absorbing. Therefore, due to the fact that wheat is used in the preparation of haleem, it is possible to use haleem as a suitable food for iftar meal.

About how to prepare Halim for fasting people, he added: Since most of the fasting people get their Halim from food supply stores, first of all, it should be ensured that Halim is prepared in a suitable place and in compliance with the principles and standards of hygiene, and people Those who cook and prepare Halim should observe all the matters related to safety, health and hygiene in the preparation and cooking of food.

The director of the Nutrition Department of the University of Medical Sciences, Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences further stated about the consumption of halim along with cinnamon and oil: Using cinnamon in halim can increase the nutritional value of halim, but using oil decreases the nutritional value of halim. Halim is better consumed without mixing with oil. On the other hand, using oil with Halim can lead to an increase in calorie intake and a delay in its absorption.

Nechovak stated that the quantity of Halim consumed during the Iftar meal should also be taken into account, and added: Consuming too much Halim during the Iftar meal can cause indigestion and weight gain.


June 24, 1395 06:50

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