Harmful and useful food for sexual desire

But less is said about the effect of food on sexual desire, while all experts and ourselves are aware of the importance of the role of this instinct in our own lives.

For this reason, in this report, we will introduce you to foods that reduce sexual desire and have a negative effect on the secretion of hormones in the body:

Red Meat

Parsineh wrote: “Because some types of red meat contain some extra hormones, consuming them too much can upset the natural balance of hormones in the body.” In general, red meat is a rich source of protein and zinc, which helps strengthen muscles and prevents the accumulation of fat. As a result, consuming as much of this delicious meat will both benefit your body and prevent your sexual energy from being damaged.


While soybeans are a rich source of protein, consuming large amounts of soy each day reduces testosterone, sperm count, and libido.


You may be surprised to see the name mint on this list, but mint miraculously suppresses sexual desire, especially for men. Peppermint essence has a direct effect on reducing testosterone and subsequently reducing sexual desire.


Commonly used in the chocolate, herbal tea and some beverage industries, this plant contains significant amounts of phytoestrogens that have a negative effect on testosterone levels. Naturally, such a factor greatly reduces sexual desire.


Chocolate is one of the most popular and delicious foods that every person experiences in life, a food whose ingredients release the hormone of happiness, endorphins. Although, happiness and happiness is one of the unique blessings in life, but this lustful food leads to boredom, numbness and decreased sexual desire.

Fried foods

Fried foods are not only harmful to our health and cause obesity, but also have a devastating effect on our sex lives. The trans fats in these foods, which cause the body to overproduce sperm, have a direct effect on reducing sexual desire in both men and women.

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