Harms of chemical drugs on men’s sexual ability

The media and doctors always listen to people to avoid using chemical drugs as much as possible to treat their diseases. Although chemical drugs play an important role in the rapid recovery of the disease, many of these drugs harm people’s health. They pose a risk and cause problems such as impotence in people.

The Secretary of the Association of Dermatologists of Iran emphasized: “The side effects of finasteride, which is prescribed for the treatment of male pattern baldness, are temporary, and the problems that have arisen will be resolved by stopping the use of the drug.” “Male pattern baldness is a type of hair loss in men that Finasteride is used to treat, and it has temporary side effects, and users of this drug should not worry about its use.”

This skin and hair specialist continued: “Among the side effects of this medicine are the reduction of sperm in men and the reduction of sexual desire and impotence, and one in every 100 people may suffer from it, but it is emphasized that after the end of the treatment period with this medicine medicine and immediately by stopping the use of this medicine, the problems in men will be solved.

“The use of this medicine in women who suffer from male pattern baldness is also associated with side effects such as pain and enlarged breasts.”

He added: “So far, no case has been reported regarding the adverse effects of this drug on the skin or hair of its users.”

February 3, 1392 03:07

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