Have smooth skin with the help of laser

Some people use laser treatment to remove excess body hair. How to do this beauty procedure? How do lasers affect excess body hair? How many laser sessions are needed to get rid of excess body hair? Who should not use this beauty method and what areas of the body can not be removed with a laser?

Khalil Sedaghat, a dermatologist and hair specialist, said about the natural process of hair growth: Body hair (normal or abnormal) has a phase of growth, rest and sleep, but the hair of each part of the body has a different time phase. For example, the duration of growth of each hair is three years, eyebrows six months and eyelashes five to six months.

He continued: the duration of the rest phase in the case of hair is 2 weeks and this amount is considered three months in the sleep phase. With a laser, it can only destroy hair that is growing in the growth phase. When the hair is in the rest and sleep phase, the laser does not cause the hair to disappear because it does not proliferate during these phases.

“When hair (in the growth phase) is exposed to this radiation, the hair strands absorb the laser energy, but because the hair bears the power,” said the dermatologist. It does not have a laser, it is destroyed.

Honesty stated that laser hair removal can not be done in one session: In each laser session, a number of hair strands are in the rest and sleep phase, so they are not destroyed in one session, and to eliminate them More meetings are needed.

He advised: Pregnant and lactating women should avoid lasers as a precaution. Also, if the area to be laser treated is herpes or a skin lesion, laser treatment should not be avoided until the site is completely healed.

“White and fluffy hair does not absorb laser energy because it lacks pigment, and according to some research, if fluffy hair is exposed to radiation, it can darken and thicken.”

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